‘Spiked drinks’ adds fresh turn to Sonali Phogat’s death, why police called it accident then?

If Sonali Phogat’s death is a cold blooded murder then why was the Goa police trying to prove it as a suicide or an accident… under whose instructions? Well, these are the questions that people are asking after the Goa police confirmed her drink was spiked and Sonali was quite reluctant to drink which raises the biggest missing link – What was in the drink? Drugs or poison? Why was she still with the two accused?

Well, too early to come a conclusion but one thing is clear that she perhaps knew something that had been a bone of contention for these two or for someone else who remains in the oblivion and may have asked these two to remove Phogat out of the way. Nothing is confirmed as all are speculations.

Her family had been asking for a proper postmortem at the Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) but agreed to one done in Goa. Many more revelations to surface as the probe proceeds. The death of Phogat reminds of another lady perhaps who had come to know too much that her husband, and party did not want her to know, it’s Sunanda Pushkar.

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