Supertech twin-tower razed to ground

“Honestly, we were scared as we stay at ATS and its the closest housing, though we had faith on the administration but still there was a fear what would happen to our flats”, said Rashi, resident. Many like Rashi had the same fear and they could not even have a wink past few days. However, their nightmare is over as the Supertech twin-tower was raised to ground at the scheduled time a short while ago.

Though its too early to react but according to officials of the Noida Authority and police ther has been not a single damage at the adjoining societies. Minutes before the blasting, there were three sirens as an alert. The blasters pressed the button with the final siren and the twin tower collapsed.

However, the huge pile of debris will remain a bone of contention for the residents. As told earlier, the experts said that it will take atleast three to four months to clear the debris.

The onlookers clapped as soon as the twin-tower collapsed as they felt it was a symbol of corruption and with the fall a battle against corruption has been won. Many of the residents expressed their happiness as the uncouth obstruction was gone.

Many residents residing in the neighbouring Emerald Court and ATS village societies who had vacated their flats had placed web camera in case there was any damage. However, everything has passed safely and prima facie reports says there was no damages caused to any of the buildings.

According to officials, the residents can move in the flats after 6:30 pm today.

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