Shame! Incidents like Ankita still happens while ‘Amrit Dhara’ continue to flow

Ankita was a 16-year-old girl who dared to say no to a filthy goon who proposed to her, bugged her. This led to the death of this young girl. Well, this is the crux of the story. The incident has once again churned  number of questions –

1) What was the local administration doing when Ankita was being harassed?

2) Where does such goons get the courage from! If administration was strong then this would not have happened.

3) In Dumka, state hospital did not have the basic ointment or medicine, hence she was referred to Ranchi. Why? The stock at state hospital not updated? Or vested interests take home?

4) Who will pay for the death which predominantly happened due to non-availability of proper medicines at proper time?

Now, why should girls like Ankita have to die just because she did not want to accept a proposal of a filth? Irony, we talk of women empowerment, safety and security of women but the truth is incidents like Ankita. Nothing allien, it happens, happening 24×7 across remotest regions of India. Some gets reported, while rest stay under oblivion.

Is this what our freedom fighters had dreamt off? We recently observed 75th Independence Day and observed ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’… Indians felt proud to fly national tricolour under the programme ‘har ghar tiranga’ though to me it was mostly a FAD as people have forgotten to take down the flag which is also important. On August 15th from the ramparts of Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Amrit Dhara… I may be blunt, but do we really deserve to observe such Special days when we cannot protect the dignity of our women …

The question now will be raised about ‘upbringing’ and ‘grooming’ of the filth who killed the 16-year-old Ankita but it’s highly time criminals like these should given stringent most punishment, something that would infuse a terror or fear-factor in these goons. The accused should be flogged in open and handed over to the public. This may should awkward but time has come to take such actions as only then innocent girls like Ankita will be able to believe in ‘Amrit Dhara’ flowing in this country…

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