Dumka MLA Basant Soren sees “prem prasang” in Ankita case, plays politics

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) members are finding it hard to eschew that Ankita died because of incompetent state government that cannot provide an ambulance to the girl as political fraternity was busy travelling to different place in wake of political crisis. There are primary health facilities in the state. Ankita needed an ointment but even for that she had be referred to Ranchi. Jharkhand CM is yet to open his mouth who is busy in securing a safe place for him, his family. The present political crisis is enough to end his career in politics.

Shame on people like Dumka MLA, Basant Soren, brother of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, this man says, “prem prasang ke mamle mein hum aap kya karenge” (what can be done in a matter of love affair). When the media countered Soren, he found his stand may land him in problem.

Arrogant Soren said, “I shall carry a detailed investigation and if I find I am wrong then will apologize but not before that”. This man further said he, “Main Basant Soren hoon, main jhuth nahin bolta” (I am Basant Soren, I told lie). Is he the only holy cow left in this entire world?

It’s clear where from goons like Sharukh (the accused) get the audacity to do such things. Basant Soren, may make tall claims but his attitude and approach towards this incident is enough to explain the outcome.

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