Delhi’s landmark changing! Kartavya Path replaces iconic Rajpath, read for details

Changing of names is nothing new as political parties, politicians have been changing names of iconic roads, landmarks in the past too but changing the name of Rajpath has jhas raised eyebrows, churned controversies. Those in Delhi, and those outside the city are well acquainted with this stretch as all have watched the Republic Day parade on the television. From September 8, 2022, a major landmark in Delhi – Rajpath, the stretch between Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate will change forever. The stretch will be known as Kartavya Path.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Central Vista Avenue, the stretch between Vijay Chowk and India gate. The Delhi State Environment Impact Assessment Authority gave environmental clearance to the proposal for the construction of the ‘Executive Enclave’ which will house the new Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and Cabinet Secretariat.

Prime Minister Modi will also unveil the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. On January 23, 2022, a hologram of Netaji Bose was installed under the canopy at the India Gate which was later removed after it developed some technical snag after a devastating storm and heavy rainfall. As per plans the statute of Netaji Bose will be installed under the canopy.

The all new Central Vista Avenue will feature the new parliament building, a joint central secretariat, and a three-km long stretch of Kartavya Path (earlier Rajpath). There are numerous other attractive features that will adorn the iconic Rajpath.

Please read – Salient features of Central Vista Avenue- A glance:

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