Salient features of Central Vista Avenue – A glance

The Central Vista Avenue is going to change the major landmark that adorns  Lutyens Delhi – The Rajpath. Earlier Kingsway, the stretch between Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate will be now known as Kartavya Marg. This stretch of road houses important government offices and installations including Parliament House, different bhawans housing respective ministries.

The Delhi State Environment Impact Assessment Authority recently granted environmental clearance to the proposal for the construction of the ‘Executive Enclave’ which will house the new Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Secretariat.

Take a glance at the salient features of the Central Vista Avenue. Why and what makes this stretch significant:

(1) The 16.5 kelometre stretch has been decorated with lush lawns, the red granite walkways, refurbished canals, repaired and polished facades, public amenities, and specially created improved signages will attract the visitors.

(2) One of major attractions will be the low-level bridges over the refurbished water channels have been developed that would offer a memorable walk. Apart from that there are amphitheater and 16 food stalls have been installed. More states are willing to open food stalls.

(3) The stretch will offer a space to accommodate approximately 1,000 cars. Those on foot can avail off the state-of-the-art four pedestrian underpasses.

(4) Several sustainability features – solid waste management, recycling of used water, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting systems.

(5) The new stretch will have new exhibition panels, and upgraded night lighting that will make the visit memorable. Apart from that, this place has been done up in such a way that tourists will find another attractive destination.

Many more features that will make the visit memorable…

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