Alert! Somebody may be stalking

This is no fiction but personal experience, this evening. I am sharing a very serious issue. This concerns safety of women. There was this white Maruti van behind the shuttle trekker. There were four men including driver (Appeared to be delivery boy or mechanics. They were wearing black t-shirts which could be uniform).

I could clearly see them laughing, making filthy gestures and remarks among themselves by pointing to the girl co-passenger sitting at the end. Though the girl did not notice but these guys were deliberately slowing down at every traffic intersections. The issue is serious as (I hope and pray nothing happens) this girl may become a victim of stalking or may be these guys know her or reside in same area but whatever the entire thing is alarming.

Also I notice Kolkata which used to be helpful, passersby would have rushed on a sigle call has changed totally. Like other cities, people in Kolkata do not stop to extend a helping hand. So, I would suggest ladies, girls to be careful and stay alert, raise your eyes from the mobile screen and take a look around.

(just felt sharing, may be it sounds stupid still I shared with you all…)

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