ICICI ATM in Mayur Vihar Phase-1 is a harassment

This is not just about a particular ATM but in general as people face these type of problems all over, across the country. Today, I have to write about a young girl whom I had seen in tears after her Rs 10,000 getting deducted but she did not receive the money. It was quite natural on her part to cry as she could not scream, perhaps the only expression that could have brought her some relief.

Well, I am talking of the ICICI ATM on the road going towards Mandir Masjid in Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, East Delhi. An observation, there is no number mentioned (ie. ATM number) and there is never a guard though there is a room for the guard like all ATMs do. Hence, customers can never talk to anybody in case there is a problem like today I faced or the girl had faced. For that matter numerous people face similar problem.

Another issue that I want to raise is why ATMs are either dry or closed down? Public is taxed for using ATM facilities at every budget. Then why public dosen’t get the service also.

However, if you also face similar harassment then raise your voice.

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