Emotional adieu by Queen’s corgis, pony as coffin passes castle

On Monday early morning entire world watched the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II being taken for the burial. The camera captured the emotional moment when the two pet dogs of Queen Elizabeth were brought out of the palace. The dogs were seen watching the funeral procession pass by in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where it was held on a lead by a groomsman.

Queen Elizabeth’s two corgis, Sandy and Muick, were also brought out for the arrival of the coffin at the castle, where Elizabeth was to be buried later in the day following a grand state funeral. They were held on the leashes by palace staff, the dogs patiently waited in the forecourt of the castle.

Also, Queen’s pony bid her an emotional farewell.

The queen, had a lifelong love of corgis and horses and enjoyed riding throughout her life. Her second son, Prince Andrew, will now take care of the dogs.

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