Mahalaya incomplete without Birendra Kishore Bhadra, listening to Mahishasurmardini a ritual

Barely seven days left for the Durga Puja. On Sunday today (September 25, 2022), Mahalaya is being celebrated. The beginning of Devi Paksha according to the Hindu calendar. Bengalies all over the world wait eagerly for this day as it means the waiting for Durga Puja is over. Just seven more days and the biggest festival of Bengalies, Durga Puja will begin.

This day has a big significance when talking of Mythology. According to Mythology, Goddess Durga was given the weapons to kill demon Mahishasura as nobody could kill the demon as he was one of the biggest follower of Lord Shiva and had received the blessings from the God.

On average, Bengali households wake up early on the Mahalaya day to listen to the Mahishasurmardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra on All India Radio, it has been a common practice since decades. Today, ofcourse, people have cassettes, CD, and DVDs. While many prefer to listen to the nostalgic programme on the internet.

It’s a big nostalgia to listen to the songs like, ‘bajlo kahar aalo r benu…matlo je bhubon’ or ‘taba achinto …rupo charito mohima…’ Not forget the stotra by Birendra Babu without which no Durga Puja is complete… and with that the excitement for the Durga Puja begins…

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