Hyderbad Gangrape: Why MLA’s son termed as ‘juvenile’? All four to be treated as adults

In such a situation, the recent judgement pronounced by the Hyderabad High Court stating all the four accused should be treated as adults. It said, the MLA’s son will be be treated as a juvenile on the ground that the charge against him is less serious. How can molestations (I accept for the argument sake that he was a holy cow and did not do anything but molest), how does molestation becomes “less serious” offence? It only implies that those who did not outrage the modesty of that hapless girl are holy cows.

The accused had gangraped a 17-year old girl. The incident has taken place in the Jubilee Hills in the Banjara Hills area which happens to be a posh locality. Well, the case has already become a high profile gangrape with the involvement of MLA’s son. The girls was picked up from a local pub by the six and gangraped.

The sad part is when the same court says all four excepting the fifth one who should be treated as juvenile. Why? Is it because this boy who is just a year short of turning 18 happens to be the son of an MLA?

I did not understand the crux of the story. If you have understood then please share your views on the issue. By the way, have you?

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