Shivling or fountain? Suspense continues, verdict expected on October 11

The suspense over judje pronouncing the Carbon Dating of the Shivling in Gyanwapi Mosque case remained suspense as the Varanasi Court withheld the verdict till October 11, 2022. The Muslim community would come up with their suggestions after which the Court is expected to pronounce the judgement.

If you may recall that the controversy had began after a ‘Shivling’ was found in the premises near the ‘wazukhana’ during the videography survey of the mosque premises, which was ordered by the court. The Hindu community had stake a claim saying the Mosque was a Hindu architecture. The Muslim community refuted by saying that the structure found was a ‘fountain’. The Hindu community had submitted an application on September 22, 2022, that sought a carbon dating of the object they claimed to be ‘Shivling’.

On Thursday, it was decided Court could not hear the arguments being a holiday and postponed it for October 7, 2022 (today).

Since morning, people had gathered outside the Varanasi Court expecting a verdict but they were disappointed when the Court announced that it would pronounce the verdict on October 11.

Security was beefed up across various strategic locations in and around Varanasi. Strict vigil was maintained across Uttar Pradesh also being Jumma or Namaz day being Friday. However, no untoward incident was reported.

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