ISRO adds another feather in the cap with the launch of LVM3 into the orbit

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has once again created history, this time its bigger than the earlier achievements. ISRO launched the Launch Vehicle Mark III (LVM3) instead of the geosynchronous launch vehicle Mark III (GLSV-MK III) from Sriharikota, Andra Pradesh, this is also being referred as India’s heaviest launch vehicle. 36 satellites of OneWeb broadband constellation were injected in precise orbits in five phases early Sunday morning.

According to ISRO, “LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 mission is completed successfully. All the 36 satellites have been placed into intended orbits,” after a tracking blackout during which 20 of the satellites were deployed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to twitter to congratulate ISRO over the successful launch of the LVM3:

The 43.5 metre LVM3 weighing around 644 tonne carried 36 satellites weighing 5,796 kg or about 5.7 tonne. With this launch, LVM3 has made its entry into the global commercial launch service market.

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