Devotees offer ‘argh’ to setting Sun on Chhath, special arrangements across all ghats

On Chhath people offer special prayers to the Sun God. The main ritual is held on the penultimate day by offering ‘argh’ to setting Sun and on last day of the festival by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun. Infact, this is why there is a common saying among the people from Bihar that ‘its only in Bihar both rising and setting Sun is worshiped’. The four-day-long festival starts with the ‘Nahai Khai’ ritual and ends with ‘Usha Arghya’ (offering to rising sun). On both the days, devotees will offer prayers have been cleaned, decorated with lights and barricaded for the first day ‘Argha’ to Sun God.

On Sunday today, people from Bihar offered ‘argh’ (offering) to setting Sun in the evening. The four-day Chhath festival will culminate by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun on Monday tomorrow. Chaath is one of the biggest festivals of India that truly believes in ‘unity in diversity’.

Bihar has been decked up for the rituals and since past many days officials have been taking stock of the Chhath ghats across the state. Not just Bihar alone, but same process is being taking place across all the states as there is a huge population of people from Bihar resides in all the states. In Jharkhand, administration in different districts have deputed additional security forces and NDRF teams in vulnerable water bodies. Drones and CCTV cameras are also being used in major cities including Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur to keep an eye on the festive activity.

In Delhi, Chhath ghats at the Yamuna river near ITO, Wazirabad in West Delhi, New Ashok Nagar in East Delhi, Okhla barage. The Chhath festival was first celebrated on a bigger platform in 1984 for the first time. Later, then Chief Minister Shieila Dixit built Chahath ghat at the Yamuna near ITO in 2007. Since many days, special arrangements are underway at the Chhath ghats where devotees offered puja on Sunday. Markets too have been decked up with the puja and food materials that is required by the devotees on the occasion.

Devotees throng all the Chhath ghats to offer the ‘argh’ to the setting Sun. However, main function was held in Bihar where people in large numbers came ot of their homes to offer ‘argh’ and later gathered to enjoy songs and programmes organised on this occasion. The four-day long Chhath festival will come to an end on Monday, the fourth day, when devotees will offer ‘argh;’ to rising Sun.

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