Man-made or natural menace? Delhi NCR gasping, AQI dips drastically. ‘Parali’ politics continues… Read more

With the advent of winters in the northern India, people suffer from burning of eyes, running nose, nausea, headache, breathlessness, giddiness. This has become a cult atmospheric trend past few years, as Delhi never had such a scary winter earlier. If you thought it’s due to cold then you are wrong as it’s because of pollution that Delhi and entire north belt go through due to burning of ‘parali’ or stubble burning. Predominant reason behind spreading of pollution – turning Delhi into a gas chamber. Parali for those outside north India may be French as they have never heard or experienced. I shall discuss in details.

Those in Delhi or North India are aware of this menace. Delhi and places those are dry have a low pressure building area. When polluted air flies from Punjab, and adjoining areas towards Delhi it falls in the pit or bowl like structure and the air gets stuck transforming the city into a gas chamber. People find it hard to hard to breathe as the days increases. On average parali or stubble burning starts from first week of October.

It’s important to know know why parali is burnt only in winters?

Parali is the local term for burning stubble. Its the method where the farmer removes paddy crop residues from the field to sow wheat from the last week of September to November. Its done by putting entire farmland on fire. This is done to numerous farmlands. In short, its the process of setting on fire the straw stubble, left after the harvesting of grains, like paddy, wheat, etc. This is done to farms across villages.

This year too is no different than previous years. Stubble burning began in October 8. Subsequently, it reached middle of the peak of deterioration of atmosphere. However, in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, various steps have been taken to minimize the ill-effects of parali burning:

1) Primary schools closed down.
2) Government offices are running with 50 per cent staff force.
3) All construction acrtivities have been put on hold.
4) No entry to trucks inside the city.
5) Diesel vehicles restricted to enter city.
6) Over five lakh vehicles stopped.
7) Rupees 20,000 imposed as chalan who violates.
8) Diesel run generators are stopped.

Apart from these, the Aam Admi Party (AAP) is also mulling over the idea to implement the annual Odd and Even format.

Well, talking of Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener, Arvind Kejriwal, there is a huge discrepancy between saying and doing. In an interview to a television channel few years back, Delhi Chief Minister mentioned of a chemical obtained from an experimentation conducted with the help of Pusa Institute, Delhi. He said if this chemical is spread over the parali then it would transform the stubble into fertilizer. He categorically questioned by taking the names of Punjab, and Haryana among other states, and asked why they don’t take the advantage of the chemical. Kejriwal had termed it as a “win win situation”. Little did he know rthen that this would come asa a boomerang. AAP would come to power in Punjab. Offlate, we did not hear even a word on parali from Kejriwal, lweast talk of the chemical he once mentioned.

People residing in Delhi NCR have no other option but to live with this menace and gasp for breathing fresh air, there is remote chances for the people to get some though, as the entire Delhi NCR has been transformed into a gas chamber.

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