Earthquake rocks eastern and north India, epicenter in Nepal

It’s past 2am. A powerful earthquake has rocked Delhi NCR. According to initial reports the quake was of 5.7 magnitude on Richter Scale but the fresh update says it was of 6.3 magnitude on Richter Scale. The Epicenter of the quake lies in Kalukheti in Nepal.

Tremors were felt across the regions close to Nepal – Gorakhpur, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, north eastern states, and West Bengal. Prima facie reports pouring in shows tremors were felt in Manipur.

As per the initial reports, no news of damages to life or property has been reported. However, it’s too early to say as real picture will be clear only in the morning. We keep our fingers crossed and pray no untoward incidents comes into surface.

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