Himachal Pradesh Polls 2022: 66% polling till 5pm, highest voting in Sirmour

Polling in Himachal Pradesh has come to an end. It has been quite an exciting day through out. Political activities that had been at the helm in the past few days in the hills have also stopped and now all wait is for December 8, 2022 when results will start pouring in and the picture will be clear who has won the Himachal Pradesh. If public opinion is to be taken into account then once again it will be the saffron in the state.

Before taking a glance at the final or closing vote percentage, lets understand the structure in Himachal Pradesh. People on average like any other hills have a very hard life especially during the cold winter months and thus they all want more employment generation in the state. They want more industries. Hence, like all places, here too development plays the most important part in finalizing who should rule the state.

Let’s take a glance at the vote percentage at 5pm:

Total voting in the state: 66 per cent
Highest voting in Sirmour – 70 per cent
Lowest voting in Kinnaur – 62 per cent

Polling was peaceful and no untoward incident was reported. However, the Election Commission (EC) had conducted a mock poll drill ahead of the polling.

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