Delegation from New Zealand met NCM Chairperson

National Commission for Minorities (NCM) chairperson, Iqbal Singh Lalpura, met a delegation from New Zealand on November 22, 2022 (today). 

The NCM chairperson explained to the delegation about the function and mandate of NCM.  They were informed that NCM works on education, employment of minorities other than dealing with issues of discrimination against the minorities.  

The meeting was attended by the following person:        

Phil Goff, Mathew Robson, Daljit Singh, Lali Ranvir Singh, Anurag Sharma, Lali Ranvir Singh.

The delegation also explained the situation of minorities and their problems in New Zealand and the ways they are being handled there.  Certain perceptions of handling Minorities in India were also deliberated in the meeting.  There was fruitful exchange of dialogue and ideas between the two countries.

The meeting was also attended by Rinchen Lhamo, Member, NCM and  Paramita Tripathi, Joint Secretary, MEA along with officials of NCM. 

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