Mitwa TV emerge as promising Startup, bags Entrepreneurs Media Startup Achievers Award 2022

“The audience of Bhojpuri deserves much better than what is being served on most of the platforms. Unfortunately, the content in the past few years have gone below the level where family can sit and watch and this is where Mitwa TV comes in as it has contents that everybody can watch”, were the words of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mitwa TV, Avinash Raj who received the Startup Award at the Entrepreneurs Media Startup Achievers 2022 held in Delhi recently. Strategist and Vice President Mohit Jailkhani was also present on the occasion.

Mitwa TV is India’s first Over The Top (OTT) Bhojpuri platform that offers a wide range of programmes on it’s platter starting from entertainment to news and even Holywood flicks dubbed in Bhojpuri language. The platform that began its journey a little over an year ago has created a niche for itself among its viewers. Today, Mitwa is not only being watched by just Bhojpuri viewers but entire Hindi speaking people all over India and outside. Mitwa has a huge viewers base across the globe.

The Startup Award at the Entrepreneurs Media Startup Achievers was received by the Founder and Chief Operating Officer (CEO), Avinash Raj alongwith Vice President, Mohit Jailkhani.

The Award is a recognition of the hard and dedicated work that team Mitwa has been delivering under the able guidence of Managing Director Raghavesh Asthana and Avinash Raj. Mitwa had been offering fresh and interesting contents.

Over the passage of time, Mitwa TV that began its journey as cult Bhojpuri platform, has emerged as a complete entertainment package on the OTT. The platform has also made a foray into the world of news and current affairs with the daily Hindi News Bulletins on Mitwa News. Adding another feather in the cap, the Mitwa TV covered election results of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), Assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Mitwa TV which is moving ahead and conquering new heights every day has a clear vision to deliver goods according to the demand of the viewers. At the same time it will have check and balance on the content and will not do what others in the race have been doing.  

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