22-year old Rubika chopped into 12 pieces, killer husband nabbed; read more

Barely, three weeks since the Aftab and Shradha incident had surfaced and still is in the process of reaching a judgement. The investigating agencies have completed their probe and submitted the closure report. The DNA of the jaws, other body parts found in the forests in Mehrauli, south Delhi have matched with her father. A fresh case on the lines of Shradha has come into light. This time it’s Sahibganj in Jharkhand. A 22-year old Santhali woman, Rubika Pahadin, was chopped into 12 pieces by her husband.

The incident came to light after the mutilated body of a woman was recovered from an old house in the Santhali Momin Tola area. Her husband Dildar Ansari has been detained by Police, the deceased was his second wife. As per the latest development, the forensic team has reached the incident site and the police officials will brief the media in the evening.

It may not be out of context here to mention the gruesome killing and chopping of Shrada’s dead body by Aftab, the main accused. Country had been demanding stringent punishment nothing less than hanging till death ever since the news came to light. Anger among people is very high and they want stringent most punishment against Aftab who had planned the killing and chopping of Shradha cold blooded.

Such incidents are growing at a galloping rate and needs stringent most punishment. These people should not be left free in the society as they are predators who are worst than beasts. Unless stringent punishment will be administered then such incidents will not stop and innocent girls, women will continue to fall prey to these predators.

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