Kalpataru Utsav is being celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor

Kalpataru Utsav or festival is being celebrated across all the Ramakrishna Missions in India and outside but the main programme is being celebrated at the Kashipur or Cossipore Udyanbati, north Kolkata.

On this day in 1886, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa called all his disciples including his favourite Swami Vivekananda and reveled himself to be an Avtar (reincarnation) of God. The event took place at the Kashipur Garden House or Udyanbati in north Kolkata, which is now a part of the Ramakrishna Math, a branch of Ramakrishna Order. This is the place where Ramakrishna spent the last days of his life.

Apart from Kashipur Udyanbati, special puja is also organised at the Dakshineshwar Temple. Where devotees offer puja at the Maa Bhavatarini’s temple. Since morning devotees throng the temple to offer puja.

The Kalpataru tree is still there and is worshiped. On this day, special puja is held around the Kalpataru tree. In the Kathamrita, it is mentioned that Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa said, “You all don’t need to go anywhere, your house shall always have my presence. Which exists in the whole world, already exists in your house. I had made 16 Annas, you make a rupee from it, that will be enough”.

It is believed that the Kalpataru tree fulfills all the desires of those who worships it.

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