Home Minister Amit Shah asks for report on Kanjhawala murder from Delhi Police, NCW demands confirmation over gang-rape

If you may recall that on the eve of New Years , the administration made tall claims that it would not only maintain law and order but will man each and every nook and corner of the city. The advisory by the Delhi Police said, over 16,500 Delhi Police personnel, 1,000 traffic officials, 125 anti-drinking squads, and 2,500 women police, over 1,200 mobile patrolling vehicles and more than 2,074 motorbikes would be deployed. Apparently, any city would feel safe just reading or listening. The Delhi incident compels to question the preparedness of the police on the eve of New Years day. A 20-year old girl in Sultanpuri, north-west Delhi, was hit by a Boleno and then dragged her for over 10 to 12 Kilometres. This was informed by the police on Monday, earlier it was said they had dragged for four kilometres and later said it was seven kilometres.

Update: Home Minister Amit Shah steps in and asks for detailed report from Delhi Police on the incident.

The case was registered at the Sultanpuri Police station. The crime had taken place at Kanjhawala area.

Crime is nothing in Delhi NCR new nothing new for Delhi that once topped the charts. The city has reported numerous cases of crimes against women. None of us have forgotten the shameful incident like the Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh Pandey), the brutality that sent chill across spines. Well, not to talk of the regular cases that keeps surfacing in the city. The recent has ashamed not only Delhi-ites but humanity.

The prima facie reports suspected there was a rape after which she had been dragged but later according to police the rape factor was ruled out. This has come into light as the girl was found dead on the road nacked. Further, an eye witness says he had seen the girl being thrown out of the car. He had followed the car too but could not catch. However, here again there is a missing link. Hi

The Delhi Police later in the day on Monday, held a Press conference and informed that the five have been takin into remand for next three days after they were produced at the Rohini court. Special Commissioner of Police, Law and Order of Delhi Police, Zone II, Dr Sagar Preet Hooda said, they were waiting for the postmortem report following which the sections will be framed. However, the Police did the gangrape factor and said they are waiting for the report. Earlier, the Police were reluctant to accept the rape when the reporters covering the story ask the Police if they had found blood stains inside the car as there were blood stains on the tyre. The Police also informed that the accused were taken to the scene of crime and the scene of crime shall be recreated.

The name of the accused – Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, manoj Mittal, Krishan, and Mithun.

However, the National Commission for Women (NCW), Chairperson, Swati Maliwal, has taken cognizance of the CCTV footages and demanded an inquiry into the facts if she was gangraped before being dragged or she was thrown out on the roads after rape. Maliwal has directly questioned the Police on their alleged lacuna to have tracked the scene of crime, “I want to ask the Police how can they not even track the car dragging the 20-year old girl over 10 to 12 kilometres? I want the Delhi Police to confirm if the girl was ganraped or not?”. Maliwal said NCW will follow this case.

According to CCTV footage, the woman, Anjali, is seen stuck under the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Inside the car there were five drunk men who continued to drag the girl over seven kilometers. She was found totally nacked dead lying on the road with broken body parts due to dragging of her body. The Delhi Police has however, said that it doesn’t appear to be rape and her cloths got torn when she was being dragged.

The truth is yet to surface as nothing still clear as what had happened. However, its a shame on the city and humanity and once again raises many questions on the safety and security of women. What was the 125 anti-drinking squads doing when these predators were driving drunk.

More revelations to come in next few days. It’s a building-up story. This also exposes the claims of administration promising safety and security of females. If such a thing can happen on New Year’s Eve when there was supposed to be heavy deployment of force, then it’s indeed scary and questions the safety and security of women once again.

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