Postmortem report rules out rape, mortal remains consigned to flames

More revelations on Tuesday in the Kanjhawala drag and killing case. The Delhi Police in the morning had come up with a new revelation that the 20-year old girl Anjali was not alone on that fateful night but she was accompanied by her friend who had left the scene when the Bolenbo had hit her. However, the Police informed that the girl who also happens to be one of the eye-witnesses was cooperating with the Police in solving the case. “There was this second girl who was with Anjali is cooperating with us. We are recording all the statements under the Section 164 of CRPC under this the statement recorded is acceptable in the court”, said Dr Sagar Preet Hooda, Special Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Zone-II during a Press conference. However, Hooda maintained that fresh sections will be slapped if rape or sexual abuse is proved in the postmortem report.

The family of the 20-year old girl which is under shock said they will not cremate the body unless the postmortem report is shared with them.

Around late afternoon, the postmortem report came and it was mentioned that no sexual assault or sexual abuse had taken place. It further said there were no abnormal marks on her body that is usually found in case of such brutality. The family agreed to cremate the mortal remains of the girl. However, they maintained that the accused should be given death sentence. In the meantime, few more CCTV footages have surfaced that shows the girl entangled in the excel.

Well, for the time being, the rape theory has taken a back stage but not totally wiped off as there are numerous missing links waiting to get connected. However, rape or no rape, there cannot be two views to the fact that had the Police stayed more alert and vigilant then atleast she could have been saved. Questions will be asked on what happened to the tall claims and big convictions by the Police promising on the security and safety preparedness on the eve of New Years.

The mortal remains were consigned to flames in the evening. Huge deployment of Police was seen out side her house upto the cremation ground.

Angry Delhi-ites demand no less than death sentence for the accused. People took to roads in the evening in a protest march and demanded stringent punishment. The protesters also raised slogans against the lacuna of the Delhi Police as they said had the Police been vigilant then things like this could have been averted.

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