Bengal to serve non-vegetarian mid-day meal for four months… Why not more Ms Banerjee?

Has any medical theory or journal surfaced off late stating four month of non-vegetarian platter and fruits are enough to build immunity among children and add good health. Perhaps, Bengal state government has come across such text. Sounds blunt? This is exactly what reflects from the recent diktat issued by West Bengal government… Read more…

On one hand cases of malnutrition and corruption in mid-day meal tops the news headlines across Indian, Bengal is no exception. On the other hand, here we have West Bengal chief minister and Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee officially announcing children would be served chicken, seasonal fruits, and eggs for next four-months. Naturally, for those who cannot afford two square meals a day, will bring smiles but little do they know why this gala platter is being served to them.

The ‘four-month’ time frame has already spruced up fresh controversy in the political corridors across West Bengal. Taking a pick at the ‘four-month time frame’, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has alleged the ruling Trinamool in the state of playing dirty politics in the name of mid-day meal. BJP has accused the Trinamool of doing this to woo voters in wake of Panchayat polls in the state.

Well, this may sound a political ‘rhetoric’, but it’s a reality that Trinamool is using innocent children as baits too woo their parents by offering non-vegetarian food in the mid-day meal.

Innocent children as baits? Isn’t this a disgrace? Will these children who will go to school smiling come to know why were they served chicken, fruits, and eggs? Also, why it stopped abruptly? As it may not be that easy to explain to them why Panchayat election is so significant that state government plans to serve a platter in the mid-day meal that is beyond their expectation and imagination.

However, the question is what will the state government tell after four-months when these innocent children would ask why did the non-vegetarian food stopped? No guesses, Trinamool will repeat its cult rhetoric, “No funds in the coffer yet the state government ran the scheme for the betterment of children”. Then the state government would be heard repeating the off-repeated ‘rhetoric’ that Bengal has received for ‘Kamyashree’ programme received recognition by the United Nations (UN). Perhaps, the biggest joke as many are not even aware that state government compels girls to accept ‘Kanyashree’ money and would warn the incumbent if they refuse or show reluctance. Isn’t it natural to have a huge list of people rolled under the ‘Kamyashree’ programme.

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