Joshimath on verge of collapse, large cracks in 600 houses; Situation grave

I have done the story of Kedarnath landslide and many landslides that too in the same Uttarakhand region but I have never seen anything like what has happened in Joshimath. Honestly, I was scared to hear and subsequently watch the visuals on the television channels. My immediate reaction was just prayers for those who are going through this situation. I posted this snippet news.

The situation is turning serious rather had there been any other ‘hard’ expression, I would have used that to explain the situation., Honestly, its far from worst and if put in a actual picture then all we can say is only God can save these hapless people who are hanging in the middle of uncertainty as entire Joshimath city may collapse, houses and business establishments would crumble and perhaps reduce to rubbles.

Over 600 houses have developed large cracks. Roads and pavements are broken. The two prominent hotels have not only developed cracks but have leaned upon one another narrowing the staircase in between both the buildings. This has created panic among the administration and locals as if these two huge buildings collapse then it will be a massive accident. The locals are scared and are compelled to vacate their houses and take refuge in the make shift shelters and gurudwara. However, the administration has announced a Rs 4,000 towards rent for next six months.

On Friday, Uttarakhand chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami paid visit to the affected Joshimath and interacted with the residents who are having sleepless nights as the cracks inside and outside their houses are increasing. Many of houses that the Dhami visited had the sound of water flowing inside the floor which has spread more scare among the locals who feel the floor may collapse any moment. Uttarakhand chief minister assured all the affected people of every help and suggested a land mapping of the affected area as it would not only enable the administration to locate the places but will be of great help to identify the homes re-enforcing. Dhami also visited the temple where the idols from Kedarnath are kept during winters after the doors of the cave shrine is closed. There are cracks on the wall of the temple and this has raised a serious concern among locals.

The situation is indeed grave and its not that easy to repair the cracks. However, experts are working at war footing trying to do their best. Till something concrete is done to re-enforce the cracks and roads. The entire Joshimath is reeling under the scare of collapse.

All we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and pray for the safety of those people.

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