PM Modi requested children to observe ‘digital fasting’ in a week, read for more on ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the ‘6th pariksha pe charcha’ at the Talkatora Gardens in Delhi. On this occasion, the Prime Minister interacted with over 38 lakh students who had registered and joing both physically and on line across the country and abroad. The winners of PPC 2023 contest got an opportunity to interact with the Prime Minister.

The event was broadcasted live across social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube by Education Ministry, the Prime Minister’s office and others. Apart from these, the event was also telecasted on the official website of Education Ministry –

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made various suggestions during the interactive event which saw the participation of around 80 winners of Kala Utsav competition and 102 students and teachers from across the country will also attend the event.

During the programme, the Prime Minister spoke on various topics –

1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the students not to become a victim of digital or technical era. He said like a weekly off in every sphere, there should be a digital fasting that will enable children to think positive on that day totally away from digital booming. The Prime Minister also stressed on the need to read and keeping abreast with outside books and developments. He said, “There is nothing wrong in being technically sound or staying with digital booming but at the same time don’t allow the digital booming or gadgets to take upon you. I request you all to allow your natural self and intellect to be the first in deciding things”.

2) PM Modi said, “Observe one day in a week when you shall be totally away from digital or technical booming as gadget’s have become an alternative, don’t let this happen. Let gadgets become your friend and work as a support but not drive you. I therefore would request you all to observe a ‘digital fasting’ in a week.”

3) While talking to parents, PM Modi requested them to always support the children as they have so much to give but if they are not allowed to speak up their minds then they would not be able to delve.

4) While talking to the teachers, PM Modi requested them not to stop them from asking questions. He said no matter what the question is, they should be replied and if the teachers don’t have the sufficient knowledge over the subject then they should seek some time and get back to the children. “You should always encourage their inquisitiveness. How would they learn if they don’t ask questions?”

5) PM Modi also asked the children to learn another language apart from the mother tongue. It would not only help to interact better but also open bigger horizon and connect them to larger audience.

Prime Minister touched many other issues that would be helpful for children appearing for the Boards. Children were excited to interact with the Prime Minister as the interaction has boosted their spirits and enthusiasm.

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