Reciting ofHanuman Chalisa, Sunderkand mark the Hanuman Jayanti celebrations

The festival of Hanuman Jayanti is being observed with traditional fervor and gaiety. Devotees since early morning have been thronging the temples. Special puja or prayers were held at various temples across the world on this occasion. Nonsense Talk News wishes all a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti and pray may Lord Hanuman bestow His blessings upon us and keep us smiling always. May Lord Hanuman ends miseries and sorrows. Jai HanumanJi! Jai Shree Ram!

Lord Hanuman (the reincarnation of Lord Shiva) is regarded as ‘Sankat Mochan’ or the God who can resolve all the problems and remove the obstacles. In Ramayana, we find that Lord Hanuman had the power to do anything irrespective of how difficult it was like the famous story – When Laxmana fell ill, Lord Hanuman went to bring the ‘Vishalyakarani’ herb also known as the ‘Sanjeevani booti’ that would make Laxmana well. On reaching the Himalayas, unable to make out the particular tree, Lord Hanuman decided to carry the entire ‘Gandamadhan’ mountain. There are numerous stories that shows the velour and power of Lord Hanuman. Another story tells how Bhima (the most powerful in Mahabharata) failed to remove the tail of Lord Hanuman. Finally, Lord Hanuman showed Bhima his real self.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is still alive on the earth even today. According to the ancient story, Lord Ram he fulfilled his purpose of being on Earth went back into heaven through the Sarayu River to take place as Lord Vishnu, blessed Lord Hanuman with immortality but Lord Hanuman refused as he wanted to go with Lord Rama and follow the footsteps of His master. Lord Rama told HanumanJi to stay back on earth and serve the mankind. He said Lord Hanuman would help anybody and everybody who is in distress and need the help of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman had no other option but to follow the orders of His master.

There are numerous instances in Ramayana showing the extreme love Lord Hanuman had for His master. When Lord Hanuman tore his chest to prove to everybody that Lord Ram literally lives in his heart. Lord Ram was so pleased that he blessed Lord Hanuman with immortality. You will be shocked to know that Lord Hanuman refused it by touching Lord Ram’s feet because he always wanted to stay with him and spend his entire lifetime in his feet. It is said that Lord Hanuman accepts the puja or offerings only if the devotee takes Lord Rama’s name before praying to HanumanJi.

Still today as per the ritual, devotees first offer prayers at the Hanuman Garhi, located near the Ram Janambhoomi in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The place is also called Hanuman Kot, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is still protecting Ayodhya. Devotees have to seek permission and blessings of Lord Hanuman before they visit Ayodhya. Special puja is also held at the Hanuman Garhi on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

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