Trinamool abuses Justice Ganguly for asking Abhishek Banerjee to face probe

Recruitment scam in West Bengal turns ‘hot’ with each passing day. On Thursday, political corridors in the state turned into a virtual battle ground after Justice Abhijit Ganguly suggested nephew turned General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee should be called for a probe.

Immediately, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh sprang into action and attacked Justice Ganguly in his cult ‘uncouth’ language. Naturally, Trinamool members, ministers and leaders failed to eschew the development and retaliated. Thank God, there is no Parliament session, else members would stand outside Parliament near the Gandhi statue with placards around their neck. However, Ghosh has forgotten that before abusing someone like Justice Ganguly, he should remember his past especially his alleged involvement in Sharadha chitgate and calling Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as “shob theke boro chor…” (The biggest thief…). His uncouth language may bring Kudos by his party workers but for common people even listening to him is below dignity.

On various television debates since evening, representatives of Trinamool have been fuming to exhibit their ‘loyalty’ to their masters sitting within the four walls of lavish Shantiniketan and Harish Chatterjee Street. Going a little overboard, a spokesperson on a television channel said, “Abhishek Banerjee should be complimented for saying if my name comes in the investigation then I shall hang myself at the Shaheed Minar. No politician has the guts to say this.” The problem with this party is they are too much melodramatic and theatrical.

The big question is and this underlines a missing link. Why can’t Banerjee come forward and face a probe as demanded by Justice Ganguly? He will come clean if he is really innocent. Attacking or abusing Justice Ganguly will cut no ice as it has been proved that Justice Ganguly has emerged as a God to those who were deprived of their rights by the state government.

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