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Bangladesh PM Hasina thanks PM Modi, read why

A day before Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who will be on official visit to India from September 5th to 8th in an interview recalled her relationship with India. From the dark and horrifying days in 1971, and 1975 to how India had helped Bangladesh students during rescue operation in Ukraine.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister said, “I express my thanks to Prime Minister that during this war between Russia and Ukraine, many of our students were just stuck, and they came to Poland for shelter. But when you evacuated Indian students, you also brought our students back home. You have shown a clearly friendly gesture. I thank Prime Minister (Modi) for this initiative,” Prime Minister Hasina said.

Haseena also thanked India forits support during the COVID pandemic,

I really thank Prime Minister Modi for this initiative, and that way contributed vaccines to not only Bangladesh, also some south Asian countries, and it’s really very, very helpful. And it’s a really prudent initiative he has taken. Besides that, we bought vaccines with our own money, and also many other countries also contributed,” she said.

Prime Minister Hasina said, “Usually, locals in our country, especially the village level, even in some towns also, are reluctant to take vaccine. They don’t want to take the pinch of needle but we have to pursue them. We told them that this is nothing, but it will save your life. So that way we engaged everybody, so that they make people… so it was really very good initiative, this Vaccine Maitri itself… very good initiative. I really support”.

Bangladesh has administered COVID vaccines to 90 per cent of its population, informed said Prime Minister Hasina.

Bangladesh PM Hasina recalls horror of 1971 & 1975, thanks Indira Gandhi

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who will be embarking on an official visit to India from September 5th to 8th recalled the friendly ties her country shares with India. Remembering the black days in 1971, when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi stood beside Bangladesh, “India is a “tested” friend and had stood by Bangladesh in its hour of need, first in 1971 and then at later times also.”

The Bangladesh Prime Minister said, “Bangladesh will never forget India’s contribution during our 1971 war.”. Recalling 1975 when her father and iconic leader of Bangladesh, Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, and her family members were killed, “Besides 1971, even 1975, when we lost all my family members. The then Prime Minister, gave us shelter in India. Both the countries are neighbours, close neighbours and I always give importance and priority to friendship with our neighbouring countries”.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina said her government strongly supports secularism and any attempts to disturb communal harmony are immediately dealt with.

eCommerce platform Meesho’s consumers drifting apart due to its unprofessional attitude, see tweets

It has become nightmare experience for the consumers buying products from eCommerce platform Meesho that began on a low key a few years back and offered people to sell products on Meesho by making considerable profit. So far so good, but their behavior towards customers have drastically changed for the worst the day it took the shape of an eCommerce platform trying to compete with it’s contemporary brands like the Flipkart, or Amazon. The eCommerce platform turns a deaf ear to the problems or grievances raised by consumers.

Some of the common problems faced by the consumers who had placed their orders on Meesho by mistake are :

Wrong delivery
Either too early delivery or late delivery
Can’t call the company if you need to make a complain about the product
No back end support
To register a return you have to follow ‘bureaucratic’ protocols like upload the pic as they don’t trust you
Returns are often not reported
Wrong product delivered in return

Worst of all you have nobody at Meesho who you can place your complain with and you are compelled to fill the objective type question answer format.

The brand unlike its counterparts doesn’t acre to reply to the tweets. Have a look at the series of tweets by aggrieved consumers. Enough to explain the attitude of Meesho towards consumers that take its consumer base for granted.

Talk to average people who once had been using Meesho are now gradually drifting apart predominantly because of the attitude and take it for granted by the eCommerce platform.

Trinamool MP Sougata Roy allegedly threatens to close down a Bengali channel

Shoot the messenger has always been the cult weapon in the hands of political fraternity to nail down the media and journalists in this country. This has been the common practice by politicians who would not waste any time to compliment the media for attacking their rivals but same media becomes unethical or bad when it does stories against the same party. Offlate, this trend has changed to worst as politicians either try to vandalize media offices or threaten to ruin the house if they don’t stop stories against them. In recent years, we have seen how popular channel offices were vandalized by political goons.

The recent attack has come from Soutaga Roy, veteran Trinamool MP and close confidant of Supremo Mamata Banerjee who has become a habituated ‘hate speech’ monger. Roy, who is a retired professor of Physics from Ashutosh College, Kolkata has been in the headlines for his acidic remarks against the opposition last week. Roy, has allegedly warned popular Bengali news channel Calcutta News (CN) to shut down. He asked CN not to cross its limits as he has the power to close the channel. Soon after the claim, Kolkata Mayor and Mamata Banerjee confidant, Firhad Hakim (Bobby) in his typical rhetoric asked why media is accusing Roy who has commented innocently and not follow Bharatiya Janata Party leaders who make regular remarks.

The Trinamool MP warned opposition by saying if they don’t stop branding all Trinamool leaders as corrupt or relate to Partha Chatterjee and Anubrata Mandol then party workers would beat the opposition with shoe. He warned by saying that opposition must get prepared if they don’t stop and not complain if such a thing happens. A day after this he asked his party Rajya Sabha MP and former bureaucrat he attacked senior retired bureaucrat Jawhar Sircar for slamming the party having leaders like Chatterjee, and Mandol. Roy, asked Sircar to leave the party. He also lectured Sircar not to cross his limits. The point perhaps this loyalist Trinamooli has forgotten is today his party has lost its face value and there is no need for the opposition to play politics, people by large in the state are cursing themselves for electing the party to power in 2011.

The party high-command is yet to respond the issue. However, not much can be expected from the Supremo. After coming to power in the state, Mamata Banerjee had removed all the publications (newspapers and magazines) from state run libraries those who dared to express views or write against the wrongs of Trinamool and Banerjee. She even restricted the movement of journalists to Press corner at the Writers Building. It means no journalists were allowed to meet or take interview MLAs or ministers without prior appointment even on immediate or recent development stories.

Nostalgia of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar continues

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar is no more for over 30-years now, yet the nostalgia remains the same. On his 96th birth anniversary today, people remember him. Even after so years, he is not around, yet people simply go crazy for him. What surprises is when the new generation not ready to watch or talk about actors of older generation, Uttam babu still finds place in millions of heart of young people who simply love to admire him, go crazy over his million dollar smile.


Great Master Satyajit Ray who had made two films with the actor ‘Nayak’ and ‘Chidiyakhana’


On All India Radio (AIR) while remembering Uttam babu in the programme ‘Uttam Shorone’, had said, The romantic pair of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen which reached the peak of popularity was unthinkable and rare, not just in Mumbai film world but very few in Hollywood shared this enigma.

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Uttam-Kumar-and-Suchitra-Sen-in-Bangla-Movie-Harano-Sur---1957 - Copy

Satyajit Ray also said that while working with Uttam babu, he has noticed him doing so many ‘details’ which were not in the script but at the same time would enhance the character.


The charisma of Uttam Kumar was such that many people tried to identify him with their personal lives – Uttam babu through his cinema to his millions of admirers had become a brother, son, lover even son-in-law for some, such was his charisma, an enigma that still continues.


Sharing a few ‘nostalgic’ moments from the past: We all have heard so much about the helpful nature of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. I had an opportunity to meet a old technician at Tollygunge (one of the studious). When he said he has seen Uttam babu, I could not stop myself from asking questions. He shared few instances but the most touching was the story that brought tears to his eyes. He said during his daughter’s wedding he had borrowed some money from Uttam babu.


When he managed to gather the amount and went to return to him, he said “onek boro hoye gechish na, ota raakh” (you have become very big man, keep it with you) and this man began crying, tears rolled from his eyes. He told me “dada r baan haat jantona daan haat taka diyechey, eram uni oneke diyechen, uni shotti kar r Mohanayak chilen” (dada’s left hand would not know his right hand gave money, he was like this, not just me but he helped so many people. Dada was a true Mahanayak). I deliberately did not divulge this man’s identity, just wanted to share this incident…

Murugha Math Sleaze: Chief pontiff Shivamurthy, warden Rashmi booked under POCSO

Why do they become religious leader if they cannot control their carnal desires which is predominately important to walk away from the worldly pleasures – In Indian tradition it is called – These five thieves are kaam (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego or excessive pride). Why I am writing this? No, its not a sermon or religious discourse but trying to understand why suddenly Godmen at large in India have become sex hungry. These filthy predators have even ruined the lives of innocent disciples who stay as inmates in these ashrams. Well, ashram for name sake, lavish and palatial bungalows or farmhouses.

The recent controversy is about Karnataks’s Murugha Math’s chief pontiff Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru was arrested for alleged sexual abuse of high school girls. The pontiff was sent to judicial custody for 14-days. On Friday, a day after Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru’s arrest, his aide and Mutt warden, Rashmi was arrested in connection with a sexual assault case against chief pontiff Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru.

Rashmi is the same person who earlier filed a counter FIR against SK Basavarajan and his wife for illegal detention and kidnapping of the children. A case has been registered under Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against junior pontiff Basavadithya, Paramashivaiah, and Gangadharaiah apart from Shivamurthy and Rashmi.

Prime Minister Modi unveils new naval ensign, why significant?

Prime Minister unveiled the new ensign for the Indian Navy on the sidelines of the commissioning of India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier on Friday today. The new design is a tribute to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, also know as father of Indian Navy.

Take look at the new ensign of Indian Navy.

PM Modi commissions INS Vikrant, know why significant

On Friday today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissioned India’s first indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. With this India enters into a select league of countries with domestic capability to build such large war ships.

The Prime Minister commissioned the carrier, built at a cost of Rs 20,000 crore, at a function organised at the Cochin Shipyard Limited here.

With the commissioning of Vikrant, India joined a select group of nations having the niche capability to indigenously design and build an aircraft carrier.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by a host of dignitaries including Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Shipping Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Kerala Governor Arif Mohamad Khan, state Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Ernakulam MP Hibi Eden, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar and top officials of Navy and Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL).

Modi unveiled a plaque to mark the induction of INS Vikrant, named after its predecessor that played a crucial role in the 1971 Indo-Pak war, into the Navy.

The carrier is equipped with state-of-the-art features.

Chatrapati Shivaji standing at 14,800 feet above sea level

The statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj installed at Machil Valley, 14,800 feet above the sea level. It’s considered to be the highest point in Jammu and Kashmir. The statue looks magnificent at this altitude. Indeed, a befitting place for the statue and a honest tribute to one of bravest son of the soil. This will increase the tourism in the region.