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Problems ahead for Banerjee’s if Sujoy Bhadra gives in to ED’s interrogation

Enforcement Directorate (ED) arrests Sujoy Krishna Bhadra alias ‘Kalighat r kaku’ after 11-hours of marathon interrogation. Bhadra also called Santuda, is a close confidant of Banerjee’s and once an all-in-all of Mamata Banerjee’s nephew and Trinamool General Secretary, Abhishek Banerjee’s company, Leaps & Bounds. He was officially a director in the company.

However, it will be interesting to see if Bhadra remains loyal towards the Banerjee’s or opens up.

“Healthcare gets big boost under PM Modi’s Make In India initiative,” says Deepti Sharma Joshi

“There is a huge scope of work in the field of health sector especially Oncology as when it comes to Cancer, it kills people from inside predominantly because of the huge cost incurred in treatment. Also, there is a misconception that all Cancers are fatal, the fact is it can get cured if detected at an early stage,” said Deepti Sharma Joshi who has had worked with Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited for over 23 years as their marketing head. She is associated with the wellness sector for over decades.

Deepti is a multifaceted person. She is an entrepreneur having ventured into a healthcare startup – Hindmed Healthcare Private Limited, along with her partner. “We wanted to start under the ‘Make In India’ project and the ‘Hindmed’ name in itself is significant. We had a tough time in finding the name but thank God we got it registered. I must compliment Government for providing enough support under the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME). Hindmed Healthcare Private Limited registered under the Government e Marketplace (GEM) portal. She is also the spokesperson for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and takes active participation in party activities.

However, her “core field” is Oncology. She said, there are predominantly three ways how we can cure Cancer patients – (1) Medical Oncology, which comprises Chemo therapy. (2) Surgical Oncology (3) Radiation Oncology, where radiation is given to the patients. “Under the ‘Make In India’, we have made radiation oncology more comfortable. Previously, patients were to be inside the machines for 13 to 14 minutes. The gallantry size being small they would suffer from claustrophobia. The recent machines have 150 gallantry size and patients are kept only for three minutes as excessive radiation can also be dangerous,” added Deepti.

“Health tourism is the ‘buzz word’ today, there is a huge prospect in this field. Many patients from outside India come to our country for treatment. Poviding proper information can be a huge industry in itself as this is what they require – arranging their stay, procuring appointments from their doctors and helping them with their work as long as they are here. In short, to become their support base”, informed Deepti who had been herself associated with Medical tourism since long. However, she agreed that some unscrupulous vested interests have tarnished the profession as they are mere touts and would not hesitate to exploit the patients. “There are many agents or touts thronging railway stations, airports, and even hospitals who harass the patients. I have myself been vocal on this subject”, she said. She has taken the teams to various countries across the globe.

Staying with the health and wellness sector, Deepti agreed that once again COVID is spreading its uncanny paws with growing number of cases across India. However, Union Health Ministry is doing its best to combat the situation and is keeping an eye on the developments. Deepti said, “Things are shaping once again for the worst but there is no need to be scared at this moment. Yes, we should take precautions. Our Health department is alert.” She requested all to follow the COVID protocols and not to panic. “Please go to a doctor if you feel uneasy but abstain from self-medication as it spoils the entire mechanism. Please don’t do that,” said Deepti.

Deepti is also going to organise a health summit on July 5, 6, & 7 this year in Nairobi, Africa where over 48 countries will be participating and discussing various aspects of treatments apart from conducting healthcare camps and treating the patients especially those who cannot afford good treatment being one of the poor countries in the world. “I am quite excited about the summit and look forward to have interactions with the people from medical fraternity across 48 countries”, smiled Deepti.

GI Tag for Ladakh’s wood carving will boost trade & tourism

The iconic handicraft, Ladakh wood carving gets the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag. This is another feather in the cap of Ladakh that had received the GI Tag for Raktsey Karpo apricot last December. Earlier this year, the products were registered with the GI Registry Chennai.

In 2020, the process process for GI Tagging of these products was started by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in consultation with and support of the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom.

The objective of the GI Tag is to provide a legal protection to the original producers and prevents their unauthorised use by third parties. GI Tag also helps in boosting tourism as people are excited to know and learn about the particular product and for this tourists visit the state. Apart from tourism, it also enables to boost exports, promotes the goods at the international platforms and in return this brings financial prosperity to producers and stakeholders.

Congratulating Ladakh on getting the GI Tag Prime Minister, Narendra Modi expressed happiness and said, “This will make Ladakh’s cultural traditions even more popular and benefit artisans.”

Member of Parliament Ladakh Jamyang Tsering Namgyal tweeted, “Greetings to the people of Ladakh for getting #GITag to Ladakh’s #WoodCarving, a first of its kind. It will surely promote the handicraft culture of the artisans as well as the local economy of the artisans of Ladakh globally.”

“Congratulations to the generations of artisans who have carried forward this unique art to help it gain the much deserved international recognition,” tweeted Lieutenant Governor Ladakh Brigadier B D Mishra.

Wood carving of Ladakh has been an aesthetically vibrant art form in the Ladakh region, including the capital Leh and Kargil. The GI Tag is a matter of cultural pride for the region. This recognition will encourage the younger generation to continue the legacy of wood carving, ensuring its preservation and promotion.

Delhi Traffic Police issues advisory ahead of ‘Raahgiri Day’; read details

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in association with Delhi Police alongwith Raahgiri foundation, SNM and Nagarro is organising Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place on Sunday ie. March 26, 2023. Commuters are advised to avoid the Inner Circle from 7am to 10 am.

The event is an initiative to promote sustainable transportation and reduce air pollution in the city and create safe and inclusive streets for all. 

Please follow the traffic restrictions to avoid chaos or commotion. The Delhi Traffic Police has tweeted a traffic advisory.

Parking arrangement has been done for the visitors.

The Raahgiri Day is part of the NDMC and Delhi Police’s G20 ongoing efforts to create a sustainable and livable city for all citizens with believe that by promoting sustainable transportation.

Buy favourite items at discounted price on Flipkart, Amazon annual sale

All eyes are on the eCommerce majors like the Flipkart and Amazon to start their annual festive sale – the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, and Amazon Great Indian Festival sale respectively.

The sales will bring big offers and great deals to the platforms across smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, audio products and more. There is a common interests among the people to buy the products from these sale online as the prices are quite low. However, it has been seen that the site crashes minutes after the sale opens and people wait for hours for the suite to restore and start the selling process.

The company though have always refuted the allegations and said the crash happens as all try to hit the sites to avail the annual sale, the huge traffic flowing on the site chocks the system and it crashes.

For this year’s sale, Flipkart has partnered with ICICI Bank and Axis Bank for the Big Billion Days sale 2022. This means buyers using ICICI Bank, Axis Bank credit or debit card will be able to avail 10% instant discount during the annual sale.

Check out the best offers and deals on various products across the platforms below. Watch out for additional bank offers as well as exchange bonuses too, as these will often help you bring the price on your next products further down.

Book your stall at 41st IITF now, details inside

If you are an entrepreneur or into business and want to showcase your products at the 41st India International Trade Fair (IITF), at Delhi ‘s Pragati Maidan then this is the ripe time as the online booking for IITF has begun. Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) has provided three links on which interested people may book online. However, the booking is being held on first come, first serve basis.

The link for online registration will be available on ITPO’s corporate website:

Those interested may book on the given Helpline Number: 011 23378808.

Those applying for the first time or fall under the new users will be required to create User Account on the portal:

The trade fair will commence from November 14 to 27 is expected to have 30 to 40 per cent more participation as compared to the previous years.

For more details please log onto the ITPO website:

Kolkata Mayor accuses ED, CBI raids for no investments in Bengal, forgets insulting Tata’s

After ruining Bengal much before they came to power in the state in 2011. Trinamool had ruined the process of development in the state with kicking out the Nano car project on the ploy of ‘green revolution’ in Singur. The Tata’s that would have transformed the region into another Jamshedpore were compelled to relocate in Gujarat after then Chief Minister Narendra Modi offered a place to the Nano project. Trinamool Supremo and then opposition leader Mamata Banerjee projected then CPI(M) and Tata hijacking the green lands from farmers.

Today, close confidant of Banerjee and city Mayor, Firhad Hakim (Bobby) accused the Centre of carrying out raids to stall development in the state. Hakim tried to project the Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the Centre the main culprit behind Bengal failing to get investors. “shomosto jaigai raid, raid, raid, kore ekta atonko srishti korchey jaate Bengal e kono investment na hoi” (They are carrying out raid, raid, raid, all over so that no investors come forward to invest in Bengal), said Hakim.

This is a myth and blatant lie as industrialists, investors had marked West Bengal as non-industry friendly state and had drifted apart from investing.

Trinamool may be having problems in eschewing the alleged money laundering by leaders like Partha Chatterjee and Anubrata Mandol. The party tries to act evasive on how Chatterjee had wasted tax-payers money on his girlfriends, chief being Arpita Mukherjee.

eCommerce platform Meesho’s consumers drifting apart due to its unprofessional attitude, see tweets

It has become nightmare experience for the consumers buying products from eCommerce platform Meesho that began on a low key a few years back and offered people to sell products on Meesho by making considerable profit. So far so good, but their behavior towards customers have drastically changed for the worst the day it took the shape of an eCommerce platform trying to compete with it’s contemporary brands like the Flipkart, or Amazon. The eCommerce platform turns a deaf ear to the problems or grievances raised by consumers.

Some of the common problems faced by the consumers who had placed their orders on Meesho by mistake are :

Wrong delivery
Either too early delivery or late delivery
Can’t call the company if you need to make a complain about the product
No back end support
To register a return you have to follow ‘bureaucratic’ protocols like upload the pic as they don’t trust you
Returns are often not reported
Wrong product delivered in return

Worst of all you have nobody at Meesho who you can place your complain with and you are compelled to fill the objective type question answer format.

The brand unlike its counterparts doesn’t acre to reply to the tweets. Have a look at the series of tweets by aggrieved consumers. Enough to explain the attitude of Meesho towards consumers that take its consumer base for granted.

Talk to average people who once had been using Meesho are now gradually drifting apart predominantly because of the attitude and take it for granted by the eCommerce platform.