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Egra Blast: NIA warned after Khargragarh, Mamata says she knew of ‘illegal firecracker’ factory; Opposition questions her silence

“I know there was an illegal cracker factory in the area. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with Trinamool…,” was the reply of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during a Press conference at Nabanna immediately after the news of bomb blast in Egra, East Midnapur surfaced. According to prima facie reports, nine people were killed officially. However, opposition claimed over 22 are feared dead.

People in the region were traumatised to hear a massive blast around 11 am in the morning. A massive blast took place at the factory in Khadikul village under the Egra police station. According to the police, the factory was operating illegally and the owner had been arrested last year and a chargesheet was filed. They said that efforts are underway to arrest the accused, identified as Krishnapada Bagh alias Bhanu Bagh.

Bharatiya Janata Party state President Dr Sukanta Majumdar said, “I earnestly request your kind intervention to direct the NIA to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the Egra bomb blast,” Majumdar said. Majumdar shared the letter on his Twitter handle he wrote.

Leader of Opposition and Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari Tweeted, “This is the IC of Egra; Mr. Mousam Chakraborty. He is the one to be blamed for today’s horrific incident. The Mamata Police cadre was on the payroll of the perpetrator Krishnapada Bag.

The situation is grave and this was brought to the notice of the Mamata Banerjee in 2014, the powerful bomb blast had rocked Khargragarh. National Investigation Agency (NIA) Chief Ajit Doval had personally visited the place with his team. However, the state Chief Minister as always showed her defiance and made Doval understand that NIA was not welcome. Later, a special NIA court sentenced 19 people in Kolkata, convicted in the 2014 Burdwan blast case to varying jail terms. Those sentenced include four Bangladeshi nationals, who received a jail term of ten years. The punishments for the remaining convicts range from 6-10 years. The NIA team had also unearthed live bombs submerged in the water. Doval in his report had said that a large number of houses are employed in making bombs. He expressed his anguish that this may result into a serious bomb fiasco in future Banerjee had accused Doval and NIA of vindictive politics.

Years later in 2018, a bomb blast had rocked in Dum Dum’s Nager Bazar in North Kolkata. A seven-year old boy succumbed to his injury. Injured were removed to hospital. This incident once again raised questions at the planned module of bomb politics especially across Murshidabad, Berhampore, Midnapore and areas adjoining Bangladesh border. Once again, news-hounds repeated Kharagarh rhetoric, raised what NIA Chief Doval had warned in 2014. (My story from the archive).

Tuesday’s blast has once again raised those old questions. Dr Majumdar’s demanding NIA probe has reminded Doval’s conviction in 2014 when he wanted to sanitise the slipper cells active as he then called West Bengal is sitting on bombs.

According to BJP leader who had visited the place on Wednesday said,

The locals have also claimed that the local administration ignored their repeated pleas for action to be taken against the illegal fire crackers factory that has grown in the area.

Bengal Leader of Opposition (LOP) and BJP leader, Suvendu Adhikary had squarely accused the police for this blast in his tweet, “This is the IC of Egra; Mr. Mousam Chakraborty. He is the one to be blamed for today’s horrific incident. The Mamata Police cadre was on the payroll of the perpetrator Krishnapada Bag. Mamata Police personnel Surajit Sinha & Biswajit Maity acted as emissary between the two. They collected Rs. 50,000/- every month from the perpetrator in exchange for the ‘licence’ & immunity for carrying out illegal activities such as stocking up explosives. Also look how the Regional Tola-Mool Party workers are shifting the dead bodies.”

Adhikari on Wednesday tweeted after coming from Egra and meeting the affected people,

Delhi Traffic Police issues advisory ahead of ‘Raahgiri Day’; read details

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in association with Delhi Police alongwith Raahgiri foundation, SNM and Nagarro is organising Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place on Sunday ie. March 26, 2023. Commuters are advised to avoid the Inner Circle from 7am to 10 am.

The event is an initiative to promote sustainable transportation and reduce air pollution in the city and create safe and inclusive streets for all. 

Please follow the traffic restrictions to avoid chaos or commotion. The Delhi Traffic Police has tweeted a traffic advisory.

Parking arrangement has been done for the visitors.

The Raahgiri Day is part of the NDMC and Delhi Police’s G20 ongoing efforts to create a sustainable and livable city for all citizens with believe that by promoting sustainable transportation.

New Delhi demands explanation from UK for allowing Khalistan goons to insult Indian flag

India unhappy with the reaction of the United Kingdom (UK), over the unruly anti-Indian ‘Khalistan’ protesters creating ruckus at the Indian High Commission and trying pull down the national flag. The UK administation stayed a mute spectator to the entire incident and did nothing to stop these goons or arrest them for insulting the dignity of the Indian flag and creating ruckus at the Indian High Commission in Westminster. These goons were protesting agaist the crackdown on Amritpal Singh, the self-proclaimed President of the pro-Khalistan outfit Waris Punjab De.

On Sunday late evening, the External Affairs Ministry (MEA) summoned British Deputy High Commissioner Christina Scott and demanded an explanation over the videos showing Indian flag being pulled down. However, New Delhi had made it very clear that the attitude of the UK in handling Khalistan separatists will not be accepted.

India has termed the entire incident as an “indifference” to Indian diplomats. The incident has raised huge controversy in the UK as Indian have condemned the attitude.

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, condemned the actions and tweeted, “I condemn the disgraceful acts today against the people and premises of the @HCI_London — totally unacceptable”.

However, if delayed then this may lead to another Bhindranwale in the making. Punjab had witnessed huge setback in terms of development during the 80’s when insurgency in the state was at it’s peak and terrorism had ruined Punjab.

This is indeed a very serious issue and UK cannot stay mute spectator as such attitude will only make the bilateral ties between both the countries sour.

Slangs, physical attacks shame MCD standing committee election; Councilors undeterred

Vested interests among both the parties – Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) councilors on Friday maligned the dignity of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Never before Delhi had witnessed such violent situations over elections. Earlier, we saw how the Mayor polls was stalled three times and the scenes house had witnessed when finally Shelly Oberoi’s name was announced on Wednesday as Delhi’s Mayor. 

The polls have been postponed till February 27, 2023.

What actually happed and why?

Election to elect the members of the standing committee was taking place. 250 elected councilors cast their votes on Friday as a fresh poll was taking place to elect the six-members of the is being conducted to elect six standing committee. It closed with 242 of the 250 councilors casting their votes. The Mayor informed, eight members had abstained from voting and did not cast their votes. Standing committee is the highest decision-making body in the MCD.

A scuffle broke out between BJP and AAP councilors after Delhi’s newly elected Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that there will not be a recounting of votes to elect the six-member Standing Committee, after a vote was declared as invalid. The equation is simple – If voting takes place and this one vote comes to AAP then the party will have four members. 

The names of councillors who did not vote – Mandeep Singh, Ariba Khan, Nazia Danish, Sameer Ahmad, Shagufta Chaudhary Zubair, Sabila Begum, Naziya Khatoon and Zarif. 

MCD stands ashamed today…

The house witnessed abusive languages, punches, kicks, and even attacking with plates and blades. Some of the members of BJP were seen bleeding profusely. According to BJP councillors, women councillors of AAP attacked them and abused them. 

Aam Aadmi Party has once again exposed it’s hunger for power. The visuals show clearly that not the Saffron but it was AAP (that always pretend and preach to be naive), had resorted to violence. Not just male councillors but even the women councillors were seen attacking, abusing and creating ruckus inside the house.

Christmas! Santa Claus! Down Memory Lane…

“shokaale uthey dekhbo Santa Claus ki diechey, kokhun je aashbe…ghumeye pori tai dekha ei hoyenaa” (After waking up in the morning will see what Santa Claus gifted this year…would have seen him but always fall asleep). Basking in the nostalgia on Christmas morning. Today, I can’t stop myself from smiling recalling these words but every Christmas morning I would run to my parents showing them what Santa had left the previous night. I would always get my gifts under the pillow as I never kept the Socks. Well, I am sure on average we all have some experience and many after reading this will also bask in the nostalgic memory. The tradition goes on, yesterday it was us, today the kids who will have the same feelings as they grow up. This will go on…and on…

While I was thinking of these nostalgic memories standing at the window and trying to cherish the cold winter Christmas morning, I saw a small girl decked up at Christmas best excited to show her mother what she has received from Santa. Her mother was listening to her innocently with big eyes as if she knew nothing. Indeed a sweet moment. Perhaps the family was going for a Christmas day out and the mother-daughter were waiting for the father. This tiny tot has no idea that her Santa Claus whom she was so eager to meet was standing beside her.

I don’t know about you but I recall running to my parents after waking up excited to show the gift or gifts I received from Santa the previous night. When my parents would ask did I see Santa this time, I would lament and tell them I could not see as I was asleep and then would take the resolution that next time I will surely see him and thank him. My parents smile but the next time never came and I could never see Santa who came with a big sack full of gifts. I was told Santa comes on a sledge only after we are asleep. I can’t help laughing on myself as I too believed and did not question how can Santa come on his sledge in Delhi where there is no snow. Why we do not stay such innocent all through our lives.

One fine morning we grow up to know our parents are our Santa Claus. I often hear today’s kids are mature enough. They know what we did not know or were told. True and I appreciate this but at the same time, I feel there are certain things which they should know as they grow up. Knowing who Santa in real is may be a small thing but that moment to find gifts under the pillow or inside the socks holds the biggest treasures of life. These moments fill us with the nostalgia that provides the energy to live and cherish life. These special moments make our childhood memories so special…so nostalgic…

Thank you, Maa Baba, for being the Santa Claus…basking in the nostalgia on Christmas morning…

Merry Christmas from Nonsense Talk News

Greetings from Nonsense Talk News on #Christmas … #MerryChristmas

Thank you all for reading, watching… It gives the big kick to do more, do better.

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Man-made or natural menace? Delhi NCR gasping, AQI dips drastically. ‘Parali’ politics continues… Read more

With the advent of winters in the northern India, people suffer from burning of eyes, running nose, nausea, headache, breathlessness, giddiness. This has become a cult atmospheric trend past few years, as Delhi never had such a scary winter earlier. If you thought it’s due to cold then you are wrong as it’s because of pollution that Delhi and entire north belt go through due to burning of ‘parali’ or stubble burning. Predominant reason behind spreading of pollution – turning Delhi into a gas chamber. Parali for those outside north India may be French as they have never heard or experienced. I shall discuss in details.

Those in Delhi or North India are aware of this menace. Delhi and places those are dry have a low pressure building area. When polluted air flies from Punjab, and adjoining areas towards Delhi it falls in the pit or bowl like structure and the air gets stuck transforming the city into a gas chamber. People find it hard to hard to breathe as the days increases. On average parali or stubble burning starts from first week of October.

It’s important to know know why parali is burnt only in winters?

Parali is the local term for burning stubble. Its the method where the farmer removes paddy crop residues from the field to sow wheat from the last week of September to November. Its done by putting entire farmland on fire. This is done to numerous farmlands. In short, its the process of setting on fire the straw stubble, left after the harvesting of grains, like paddy, wheat, etc. This is done to farms across villages.

This year too is no different than previous years. Stubble burning began in October 8. Subsequently, it reached middle of the peak of deterioration of atmosphere. However, in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, various steps have been taken to minimize the ill-effects of parali burning:

1) Primary schools closed down.
2) Government offices are running with 50 per cent staff force.
3) All construction acrtivities have been put on hold.
4) No entry to trucks inside the city.
5) Diesel vehicles restricted to enter city.
6) Over five lakh vehicles stopped.
7) Rupees 20,000 imposed as chalan who violates.
8) Diesel run generators are stopped.

Apart from these, the Aam Admi Party (AAP) is also mulling over the idea to implement the annual Odd and Even format.

Well, talking of Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Convener, Arvind Kejriwal, there is a huge discrepancy between saying and doing. In an interview to a television channel few years back, Delhi Chief Minister mentioned of a chemical obtained from an experimentation conducted with the help of Pusa Institute, Delhi. He said if this chemical is spread over the parali then it would transform the stubble into fertilizer. He categorically questioned by taking the names of Punjab, and Haryana among other states, and asked why they don’t take the advantage of the chemical. Kejriwal had termed it as a “win win situation”. Little did he know rthen that this would come asa a boomerang. AAP would come to power in Punjab. Offlate, we did not hear even a word on parali from Kejriwal, lweast talk of the chemical he once mentioned.

People residing in Delhi NCR have no other option but to live with this menace and gasp for breathing fresh air, there is remote chances for the people to get some though, as the entire Delhi NCR has been transformed into a gas chamber.

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Down Memory Lane: Kishore Kumar sang for free in Satyajit Ray’s Charulata & Ghare Baire

His debut song was ‘marne ki duaein ki mangu…jine ki tamanna kaun kare…’ and the film was Dev Anand stater ‘Ziddi’ (1948). Yes, we are talking of none other than Kishore Kumar, Rest is history. A multifaceted talent – from acting to singing and later taking to direction.

Kishore Kumar shared a very special relationship with Satyajit Ray. He used to call him Manik Mama since Ray was the mama (uncle) to his first wife, also an accomplished singer and actor, Ruma Guhathakurta. Infact, when ever Saatyajit Ray would visit Mumbai then Bombay, Kumar would receive him. Not many know that the singer had extended cooperation to Satyajit Ray who ran into financial trouble during the making of his film Pather Panchali. Kishore reportedly helped the former with Rs 5000.

For Bengali listeners, Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore songs), is a an indelible part of life. The Rabindrasangeet sung by Kishore Kumar have a different appeal and expression. His mesmerizing voice added a freshness to the cult songs. Great Master Satyajit Ray, in the documentary, ‘Zindagi Ka Safar’, directed by Sandip Ray (Babuda), said, Kishore Kumar meant ultimate when it came to Rabindra Sangeet for him. Ray recalled the memories of Charulata (1957), and Ghare Baire (1987). “In both the films, Charulata where he sang one song and Ghare Baire where he sang three songs, he did not charge any money…he did it for free. I just wanted to share the relationship he shared with me…”, said Satyajit Ray who recalled Kishore Kumar sang all the songs for him free.

Kishore Kumar sung numerous Bengali songs both for films and private albums. Subsequently, he recorded in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. Along with that, he learned many regional languages; those are Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Malayalam, Oriya, and Kannada. He has also sung various songs in these regional languages.

Kishore Kumar sang Rabindrasangeet in Satyajit Ray’s cinema:

‘aami chini go chini tomaare… ogo bideshini…’ in Charulata.

He sang four songs in Ghare Baire
1) bujhte nari nari ki chai…
2) chol re chol shob bhart shontan…
3) bidhir baadhon kaatbe tumi …

Well, mammoth personality like Kishore Kumar cannot be summed up in few lines. It will require more space. Satyajit Ray, himself wanted to cast Kishore Kumar in numerous films including in the iconic character of ‘Goopi’ in classic ‘Goopi Gyne, Bagha Byne…’ but Kumar could not spare time as he was doing multiple shifts recording songs for films.

Will key-in exclusive story on Satyajit Ray and his desire to cast Kishore Kumar in his films.

Mahalaya incomplete without Birendra Kishore Bhadra, listening to Mahishasurmardini a ritual

Barely seven days left for the Durga Puja. On Sunday today (September 25, 2022), Mahalaya is being celebrated. The beginning of Devi Paksha according to the Hindu calendar. Bengalies all over the world wait eagerly for this day as it means the waiting for Durga Puja is over. Just seven more days and the biggest festival of Bengalies, Durga Puja will begin.

This day has a big significance when talking of Mythology. According to Mythology, Goddess Durga was given the weapons to kill demon Mahishasura as nobody could kill the demon as he was one of the biggest follower of Lord Shiva and had received the blessings from the God.

On average, Bengali households wake up early on the Mahalaya day to listen to the Mahishasurmardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra on All India Radio, it has been a common practice since decades. Today, ofcourse, people have cassettes, CD, and DVDs. While many prefer to listen to the nostalgic programme on the internet.

It’s a big nostalgia to listen to the songs like, ‘bajlo kahar aalo r benu…matlo je bhubon’ or ‘taba achinto …rupo charito mohima…’ Not forget the stotra by Birendra Babu without which no Durga Puja is complete… and with that the excitement for the Durga Puja begins…

ICICI ATM in Mayur Vihar Phase-1 is a harassment

This is not just about a particular ATM but in general as people face these type of problems all over, across the country. Today, I have to write about a young girl whom I had seen in tears after her Rs 10,000 getting deducted but she did not receive the money. It was quite natural on her part to cry as she could not scream, perhaps the only expression that could have brought her some relief.

Well, I am talking of the ICICI ATM on the road going towards Mandir Masjid in Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, East Delhi. An observation, there is no number mentioned (ie. ATM number) and there is never a guard though there is a room for the guard like all ATMs do. Hence, customers can never talk to anybody in case there is a problem like today I faced or the girl had faced. For that matter numerous people face similar problem.

Another issue that I want to raise is why ATMs are either dry or closed down? Public is taxed for using ATM facilities at every budget. Then why public dosen’t get the service also.

However, if you also face similar harassment then raise your voice.