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Girl gangraped by strangers in Uttar Pradesh, fighting for Life in hospital

It seems people have gone on an overdose of Viagra. Rapes and gangrapes are becoming a cult trend and rarely the victim is left to survive. Still, there are no sign of stringent most punishment that is required.

The fresh case has come from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. A girl originally from Bihar having her family in Delhi was going to Betia in Bihar from Delhi. Due to some reasons she had got down at Bhatparni Station in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh in the night. Two strangers – Deepak and Rohita confronted her and assured safe stay. They took her and gang-raped. She was left in a semi conscious state in a pool of blood when the police recovered her.

The police immediately came into action and lodged an FIR and nabbed both the accused. The girl is critical and is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

There are a few missing links which needs to be connected. One, inspite of repeated requests and warnings by the police not to trust strangers especially on railway stations, the victim decided to move with totally strangers according to prima facie reports. Two, she was to board the train for Bihar, then why did she leave the station at the night. Why not wait at the platform for the next train. However, inspite of all the ‘missing-links’, I totally condemn the incident as no civilised society will support or can support raping a girl no matter she gets down at a allien place or railway station or trusts strangers.

It’s high time stringent most punishment should be given to these people. There is no fear factor and it is the need of the hour.

Finally, I assume that these rapists are residents of Uttar Pradesh, will the state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath bull-dose their houses.

Devotees offer ‘argh’ to setting Sun on Chhath, special arrangements across all ghats

On Chhath people offer special prayers to the Sun God. The main ritual is held on the penultimate day by offering ‘argh’ to setting Sun and on last day of the festival by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun. Infact, this is why there is a common saying among the people from Bihar that ‘its only in Bihar both rising and setting Sun is worshiped’. The four-day-long festival starts with the ‘Nahai Khai’ ritual and ends with ‘Usha Arghya’ (offering to rising sun). On both the days, devotees will offer prayers have been cleaned, decorated with lights and barricaded for the first day ‘Argha’ to Sun God.

On Sunday today, people from Bihar offered ‘argh’ (offering) to setting Sun in the evening. The four-day Chhath festival will culminate by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun on Monday tomorrow. Chaath is one of the biggest festivals of India that truly believes in ‘unity in diversity’.

Bihar has been decked up for the rituals and since past many days officials have been taking stock of the Chhath ghats across the state. Not just Bihar alone, but same process is being taking place across all the states as there is a huge population of people from Bihar resides in all the states. In Jharkhand, administration in different districts have deputed additional security forces and NDRF teams in vulnerable water bodies. Drones and CCTV cameras are also being used in major cities including Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur to keep an eye on the festive activity.

In Delhi, Chhath ghats at the Yamuna river near ITO, Wazirabad in West Delhi, New Ashok Nagar in East Delhi, Okhla barage. The Chhath festival was first celebrated on a bigger platform in 1984 for the first time. Later, then Chief Minister Shieila Dixit built Chahath ghat at the Yamuna near ITO in 2007. Since many days, special arrangements are underway at the Chhath ghats where devotees offered puja on Sunday. Markets too have been decked up with the puja and food materials that is required by the devotees on the occasion.

Devotees throng all the Chhath ghats to offer the ‘argh’ to the setting Sun. However, main function was held in Bihar where people in large numbers came ot of their homes to offer ‘argh’ and later gathered to enjoy songs and programmes organised on this occasion. The four-day long Chhath festival will come to an end on Monday, the fourth day, when devotees will offer ‘argh;’ to rising Sun.

Viral Video: Passengers teach mobile snatcher a lesson, watch

There is a popular saying in English ‘am eye for an eye…’ This idiom turned real in Begusarai, Bihar.

A video has gone viral showing how passengers on a train had caught a man red handed trying to snatch mobile from window. On the fateful day the passengers were alert and they caught the man. The man is seen hanging from from the window as the train rolls. 

The man is seen pleading not to leave his hands as he would fall. The passengers were seen threatening the man and train took momentum.

Civic polls in Bihar. Do you fall under 224 ULBs? Read details

Civic polls in Bihar will be held in two phases on October 10 and 20, the State Election Commission announced. The elections will be held for 224 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across the state, it said.

All the 17 municipal corporations, including that in Patna, will go to the polls in the second phase on October 20, according to the notification issued by the SEC on Friday. The voting will be held from 7 am to 5 pm in both phases. The counting of the votes will be held on October 12 for the first phase, while for the second phase, it will be held on October 22.

Nomination forms for the first phase could be submitted by September 21, and the last date for withdrawal is September 24. For the second phase, the nominations can be filed till September 26, and the last date for withdrawal is September 29.

“Symbols will be allotted to the candidates on September 25 for the October 10 elections, whereas the same will be allotted on September 30 for the second phase. Electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be used in the election of the urban local bodies,” said the notification.

Among the civic bodies going to the polls are 44 nagar parishads and 95 nagar panchayats. Altogether 1,14,52,759 voters — 60,17,882 males and 54,34,455 females — are eligible to exercise their franchise.

Jungle Raj comes back in Bihar? Dark days ahead

Has ‘jungle raj’ come back in Bihar? This is the question everybody has been asking after watching the disturbing video showing state ADM (Law & Order), KK Singh thrashing a protester blue and black. The boy who along with others participated in a protest by CTET and BTET qualified candidates demanding 7th phase teacher’s recruitment at Dakbangla intersection in Patna. The visuals are enough to explain situation in Bihar.

The social media has been abuzz condemning the Janata Dal (United) -Rashtriya Janata Dal alliance government.

JD(U)-RJD alliance has exposed itself on Monday. This incident is a warning to the protesters so that they will not raise their head. Somebody should tell the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ (grand alliance) that dreams of coming to power in 2024 to be little constraints as such inhuman activities will not be tolerated. Nitish Kumar has perhaps forgotten that Assembly elections are due and if this remains the attitude of his government then people will take no time to kick out the alliance government in the state. However, whether it will come to power or not in the state is still vague as RJD regime was the dark phase in Bihar as ther was no social security and safety of locals. Abductions, murders, rapes, gang-rapes, extortion bid were at rampant.

The barbaric act was condemned by opposition and Congress that is one of the alliance members in the ‘Mahagathbandhan’.

The Bihar BJP condemned the incident in a Twitter post, “Is this government blind, which uses lathis on Tiranga (tricolour)? Is this government deaf, those who fire cartridges are given pens.” It further said, that “while it is a hobby for some, fun for another but for the public it is helplessness.”

State Congress spokesman Asit Nath Tiwari, whose party is an ally of the ruling coalition, issued a strongly worded statement condemning the episode. “The official is K K Singh, an additional district magistrate with a reputation of high-handedness. During the Covid epidemic, he had commanded citizens to produce videos of themselves beating utensils failing which their applications will not be considered,” Tiwari alleged.

Former Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad slammed the ruling Mahagathbanthan government and asked authorities to take strict action against the ADM.

Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said, the lathi charge was done to control students during a protest march. However, he condemned the incident of thrashing and said, “such behaviour by any anybody is not acceptable, An enquiry committee has been formed to look into the barbaric incident. Strict action will be taken against the him (ADM) if found guilty”. The opposition has questioned Yadav’s saying “if found guilty” as the visuals are enough to explain.

Meanwhile, Patna District Magistrate said the administration has set up a two-member inquiry committee to look into the allegations and examine the video footage. The committee will submit its report in two days and action may be taken accordingly, he said.