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Police should be friend not terror, says President Murmu

I had the opportunity to hear Dr Abdul Kalam a few times and I shall never forget the experience of listening to him. Entire journalist fraternity would hear him spell bound. Usually, we journalists take out our pad and pen to take notes as soon press conference starts rolling. While covering Dr Kalam, it was the other way round as he would take to mic and requested all to listen to him, “Don’t take notes, listen to me… If you don’t hear me then you will miss the mood… The press note will reach you before you reach your respective offices…”. What an inspiring speech it used to be, he could transform the brooding atmosphere into a ‘happening’ one…

Another President, it was simply inspiring listening to her. I am talking of President Draupadi Murmu.

Today, I was honestly impressed listening to President Draupadi Murmu who is in Telangana on a five-day state visit. She has a hectic schedule and will attend numerous press conferences, events, inaugurations, and unveiling projects. On Tuesday, she addressed young police officers at an event in Telangana.

“I wish I was born in this era where you have so much freedom to explore and reach your goals. I feel happy to see young girls joining the force and working for the betterment of the society”, were the opening words of the President who not only has seen very hard days as being someone from the scheduled tribe was not easy in a society of the affluents, but had peeved her way to reach her goals. President Murmu touched a few very important issues which should act as an inspiration for these young officers. “I want you all to remove the scare quotient that on average people have on listening the name of police, be people’s friend not terror, said President Murmu.

“I know you all have a bright future and the country is in safe hands. Tomorrow, when you turn senior, you will be DGP, Comissioner etc. Try to inculcate these qualities in you as you will be an inspiration for your juniors. Ensure police dosen’t become terror and people think many a times to approach you but you should be able to interact with people, they should be able to talk to you, were the inspiring of President Murmu who reiterated that crimes against women should stop in the society.

President Murmu attends Queen’s funeral in London, pays rich tributes

President Droupadi Murmu who arrived in London on Saturday evening to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II attended the funeral ceremony of the Queen who reigned for nearly 70-years. Indeed an eventful career as a monarch. She had witnessed numerous developments including her share of controversies.

President Murmu was also invited to the reception for world leaders hosted at Buckingham Palace by King Charles III that took place on Sunday. However, the UK has opted to invite ambassadors, not heads of state, from several countries – Iran, Nicaragua and North Korea.

Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96 at her summer residence of Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, is lying-in-state at Westminster Hall before the funeral at Westminster Abbey on the morning of September 19.

Westminster Abbey has space for around 2,000 people, and around 500 heads of state and foreign dignitaries and their partners are expected to attend. Large number of people in UK had gathered in front of the Westminster Abbey to bid farewell to their favourite Queen.