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All flights in USA grounded, passengers stranded

Passengers across United States of America (USA) are reportedly stranded due to a technical snag that has largely impacted Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs)’ following which all flights from USA have been grounded.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed that no flights are able to take off and it’s ‘experiencing an outage’.

The situation is expected to remain like this for next four to five hours if not more. Technical staff is working to bring back the system on the tracks. Over 1200 flights have been affected. However, those flights were to take off have been affected, those in the air are out of the outage effect.

USA has asked the FAA to investigate if it’s a cyber attack. However, till now any possibility of cyber hack has been ruled out.

According to reports, over 90 flights have been cancelled till further announcement is made about the developments. Over 700 flights have been delayed.