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eCommerce platform Meesho’s consumers drifting apart due to its unprofessional attitude, see tweets

It has become nightmare experience for the consumers buying products from eCommerce platform Meesho that began on a low key a few years back and offered people to sell products on Meesho by making considerable profit. So far so good, but their behavior towards customers have drastically changed for the worst the day it took the shape of an eCommerce platform trying to compete with it’s contemporary brands like the Flipkart, or Amazon. The eCommerce platform turns a deaf ear to the problems or grievances raised by consumers.

Some of the common problems faced by the consumers who had placed their orders on Meesho by mistake are :

Wrong delivery
Either too early delivery or late delivery
Can’t call the company if you need to make a complain about the product
No back end support
To register a return you have to follow ‘bureaucratic’ protocols like upload the pic as they don’t trust you
Returns are often not reported
Wrong product delivered in return

Worst of all you have nobody at Meesho who you can place your complain with and you are compelled to fill the objective type question answer format.

The brand unlike its counterparts doesn’t acre to reply to the tweets. Have a look at the series of tweets by aggrieved consumers. Enough to explain the attitude of Meesho towards consumers that take its consumer base for granted.

Talk to average people who once had been using Meesho are now gradually drifting apart predominantly because of the attitude and take it for granted by the eCommerce platform.