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74th Republic Day marks many firsts including Indian guns

India celebrates 74th Republic Day. As per ritual President Draupadi Murmu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh alongwith other council of ministers payed their tributes to martyrs at the National War Memorial at India Gate.

The parade rolled down the Rajpath renamed as Kartavya Path. Apart from this there were a few firsts in this year’s Republic Day.

1) First Republic Day parade for President Draupadi Murmu who took over a few month back.

2) For the first time 21 gun salute were given by guns made in India under the Make In India project. Earlier, the guns used were made in Britain and outside.

3) The women camel contingent of Border Security Force (BSF) – ‘Mahila Prahari’, walked past the Rajpath or Kartavya Path.

4) This year Egyptian President was the chief guest on the Republic Day. The Egyptian Army participated in the Republic Day parade. This was for the first time a foreign army contingent walked past the Rajpath or Kartavya Path.

A total of 23 tableaux – 17 from states and Union territories and six from various ministries and departments – depicting India’s vibrant cultural heritage, and economic and social progress were part of the parade on the Kartavya Path.

Like always, this year too the tablues would be parked at the Red Fort till January 31, 2023. However, this year there is some changes in this ritual. Tourism has been merged and a festival has been organised. The Delhi Traffic Police has issued an advisory as it said being a tourism event, many politicians – MPs, ministers may visit the venue. This means traffic will be hampered and commuters may face traffic snarls.

The traffic advisory: Commuters have been asked to avoid the roads in and around Red Fort. Daryaganj or Netaji Subhash Road, Lothian Road (GPO and Kashmere Gate side), Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, Hanuman Mandir, Yamuna Bazar.

However, if you are to catch trains at the Old Delhi Station or busses at Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) then plan accordingly as the roads in and around these places may be largely affected by traffic snarls. To avoid these jams, set out early or else you may miss the train.

Thank you PM Modi for installing Netaji Bose’s statue at India Gate

Opposition has accused the Modi government of playing politics and trying to show strength and power. Well, changing names is nothing new, it has been a common practice among the politicians in power to exhibit their power.

Without going into any political controversy, I feel Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government deserves all the kudos for showing genuine respect for Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Neither Congress nor non-Congress goverments those came into power after Rajiv Gandhi’s death cared to install Netaj Bose’s statue. Though, they all had it in their manifesto. So, it’s Narendra Modi and his government who had been taking initiatives to install the statue at India Gate.

Needless to mention the most befitting statue as Netaji Bose was the first Prime Minister of Azad Hind Fauj and wanted to hoist the national flag at the ramparts of Red Fort. He also gave the clarion call, “Chalo Dilli”. The famous Indian National Army (INA) song, ‘Hum Dehli Delhi jayenge… apna hind baneyenge… Subhash ka kehna manna hai … aab Dehli Chalke rehnaa hai…’ was penned and sang by Captain Ram Singh Thakur who sand all the INA songs.

Earlier, on January 23, 2022, during an event at the India Gate, Prime Minister Modi had unveiled a hologram of Netaji Bose and placed under the canopy at the India Gate. It was placed as a substitute to the statue which will be placed today in the evening. The hologram was badly damaged due to a devastating storm and downpour that lashed the capital few days after the event compelling the government to remove the hologram.

On September 8, 2022, today, the Prime Minister unveiled the statue of Netaji Bose and said, “Netaji was deprived of what he deserved. The previous governments did nothing to honour the brave son of the motherland”. PM Modi said he drives inspiration from Netaji Bose and regard it’s his as well as country’s responsibility to honour this great man. Referring to renaming of Kartavya Path, PM Modi said it will inspire people and remind them of their duties towards the country.

Salient features of Central Vista Avenue – A glance

The Central Vista Avenue is going to change the major landmark that adorns  Lutyens Delhi – The Rajpath. Earlier Kingsway, the stretch between Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate will be now known as Kartavya Marg. This stretch of road houses important government offices and installations including Parliament House, different bhawans housing respective ministries.

The Delhi State Environment Impact Assessment Authority recently granted environmental clearance to the proposal for the construction of the ‘Executive Enclave’ which will house the new Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Secretariat.

Take a glance at the salient features of the Central Vista Avenue. Why and what makes this stretch significant:

(1) The 16.5 kelometre stretch has been decorated with lush lawns, the red granite walkways, refurbished canals, repaired and polished facades, public amenities, and specially created improved signages will attract the visitors.

(2) One of major attractions will be the low-level bridges over the refurbished water channels have been developed that would offer a memorable walk. Apart from that there are amphitheater and 16 food stalls have been installed. More states are willing to open food stalls.

(3) The stretch will offer a space to accommodate approximately 1,000 cars. Those on foot can avail off the state-of-the-art four pedestrian underpasses.

(4) Several sustainability features – solid waste management, recycling of used water, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient lighting systems.

(5) The new stretch will have new exhibition panels, and upgraded night lighting that will make the visit memorable. Apart from that, this place has been done up in such a way that tourists will find another attractive destination.

Many more features that will make the visit memorable…

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Delhi’s landmark changing! Kartavya Path replaces iconic Rajpath, read for details

Changing of names is nothing new as political parties, politicians have been changing names of iconic roads, landmarks in the past too but changing the name of Rajpath has jhas raised eyebrows, churned controversies. Those in Delhi, and those outside the city are well acquainted with this stretch as all have watched the Republic Day parade on the television. From September 8, 2022, a major landmark in Delhi – Rajpath, the stretch between Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate will change forever. The stretch will be known as Kartavya Path.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Central Vista Avenue, the stretch between Vijay Chowk and India gate. The Delhi State Environment Impact Assessment Authority gave environmental clearance to the proposal for the construction of the ‘Executive Enclave’ which will house the new Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and Cabinet Secretariat.

Prime Minister Modi will also unveil the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. On January 23, 2022, a hologram of Netaji Bose was installed under the canopy at the India Gate which was later removed after it developed some technical snag after a devastating storm and heavy rainfall. As per plans the statute of Netaji Bose will be installed under the canopy.

The all new Central Vista Avenue will feature the new parliament building, a joint central secretariat, and a three-km long stretch of Kartavya Path (earlier Rajpath). There are numerous other attractive features that will adorn the iconic Rajpath.

Please read – Salient features of Central Vista Avenue- A glance: https://nonsensetalk.news/2022/09/08/salient-features-of-central-vista-avenue-a-glance/