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School girl stops going to school over stalking, molestation; mother threatens suicide

A ninth standard school girl is compelled to drop out from school because of a goon who stalks her, molests her. Her widow mother who was heckled and threatened by the police instead of taking action against the has threatened to commit suicide along with her four daughters.

This also raises a big question on the tall convictions of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’, made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Still today girls are compelled to leave education and stop going to school because of goons eve-teasing, molesting, stalking even rapes and gang-raped.

The recent incident has surfaced in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh where this school girl was compelled to stop going to school over regular harassment by her neighbour. Whenever she would go out of her home to buy vegetables, groceries or due to some other work, Ankit (the accused) who lives in her neighbourhood stalks her and molest her. When the mother of the girl went to police station to file complaint she was heckled and turned out by the cops.

Will Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his government take action against these errant police personel who are supposed to take action against the accused but threaten the victim and her family instead. Shame on Uttar Pradesh police that makes big convictions but the real picture is scary. This also raises a big question if Yogi Adityanath government will react or remain silent. Will the buldozer of Yogi Adityanath raise the house of this man who has become a nightmare for this girl to the extent of stop going to school. Finally, where is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who created a storm during the Assembly elections in the state with her campaign, ‘Beti Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’?

Really have no words to express, all I have to say is “जिन्हें नाज़ है हिंद पर वह कहां हैं!”, the famous lines from Guru Dutt sahib’s iconic film, ‘Pyaasa’ (1957), seems to be so appropriate for such situations. This shameful incident also raises a big question on the people and society around- How long would people stay quiet and silent? Would they only react if such incident would happen to them? Fact, if people raise their voice togather then such incidents would not take place and girls, women would be safe and secured.

Ghaziabad court awards death to 20-year old kidnapping, rape and killing four-year old

When Nirbhaya incident had taken place and we saw entire country on the streets standing with placards in their hands in protest demanding stringent most punishment for the rapists, one thought perhaps finally, there has been an uproar in the country against rapes, gangrapes, molestations, eve-teasing and stalking. Perhaps, it was too much to expect. Within a week, a gangrape had surfaced in a school in Delhi. The rape was similar on the lines of Nirbhaya that was still red hot and protesters still sat on so-called ‘dharna’ but unfortunately, nobody stood or included the incident as if everything was well scripted and edited.

A special court in Ghaziabad has awarded death sentence to Sonu Gupta, guilty of kidnapping, raping and killing the toddler. The rape had taken place on December 1, 2022. The dead body was found the next day near the city forest area in Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh. Six police teams were deputed to crack the case. Police personnel obtained around 150 CCTV footage. Police had arrested Sonu Gupta (20) from 40-feet road of Deendayal Puri of Nandgram police station six days after the incident and he was sent to jail. The verdict was pronounced by Additional District and Sessions under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO). However, the speed shown in this case certainly needs to complimented. Sonu was nabbed within 15 days of the incident.

“The court on Friday held Sonu guilty after listening to 16 witnesses,” the officer said.

Gupta, a factory worker, confessed that he had kidnapped the girl with the intention to rape her but strangled her to death when she started screaming.

Police sought help of DNA test in the investigation. An entry ticket of city forest park was also recovered from the rape accused, which confirmed his presence in that area, DCP Sharma said.

Nothing has changed rather incidents like Nirbhaya had increased at a galloping rate. Death sentence was pronounced in a recent rape of a toddler that ashamed humanity. The guilty Sonu during conducting the medical examination had arrogantly said that he had enjoyed the entire incident. However, he pleaded for mercy when death sentence was pronounced by the court. This shows the mentality and arrogance these people have and perhaps, this is also one of the reason why such incidents are not subsiding. The need of the hour is stringent most punishment that would infuse a ‘fear factor’ in them so that they would think many times before even staring at a girl or women.

Home Minister Amit Shah asks for report on Kanjhawala murder from Delhi Police, NCW demands confirmation over gang-rape

If you may recall that on the eve of New Years , the administration made tall claims that it would not only maintain law and order but will man each and every nook and corner of the city. The advisory by the Delhi Police said, over 16,500 Delhi Police personnel, 1,000 traffic officials, 125 anti-drinking squads, and 2,500 women police, over 1,200 mobile patrolling vehicles and more than 2,074 motorbikes would be deployed. Apparently, any city would feel safe just reading or listening. The Delhi incident compels to question the preparedness of the police on the eve of New Years day. A 20-year old girl in Sultanpuri, north-west Delhi, was hit by a Boleno and then dragged her for over 10 to 12 Kilometres. This was informed by the police on Monday, earlier it was said they had dragged for four kilometres and later said it was seven kilometres.

Update: Home Minister Amit Shah steps in and asks for detailed report from Delhi Police on the incident.

The case was registered at the Sultanpuri Police station. The crime had taken place at Kanjhawala area.

Crime is nothing in Delhi NCR new nothing new for Delhi that once topped the charts. The city has reported numerous cases of crimes against women. None of us have forgotten the shameful incident like the Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh Pandey), the brutality that sent chill across spines. Well, not to talk of the regular cases that keeps surfacing in the city. The recent has ashamed not only Delhi-ites but humanity.

The prima facie reports suspected there was a rape after which she had been dragged but later according to police the rape factor was ruled out. This has come into light as the girl was found dead on the road nacked. Further, an eye witness says he had seen the girl being thrown out of the car. He had followed the car too but could not catch. However, here again there is a missing link. Hi

The Delhi Police later in the day on Monday, held a Press conference and informed that the five have been takin into remand for next three days after they were produced at the Rohini court. Special Commissioner of Police, Law and Order of Delhi Police, Zone II, Dr Sagar Preet Hooda said, they were waiting for the postmortem report following which the sections will be framed. However, the Police did the gangrape factor and said they are waiting for the report. Earlier, the Police were reluctant to accept the rape when the reporters covering the story ask the Police if they had found blood stains inside the car as there were blood stains on the tyre. The Police also informed that the accused were taken to the scene of crime and the scene of crime shall be recreated.

The name of the accused – Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, manoj Mittal, Krishan, and Mithun.

However, the National Commission for Women (NCW), Chairperson, Swati Maliwal, has taken cognizance of the CCTV footages and demanded an inquiry into the facts if she was gangraped before being dragged or she was thrown out on the roads after rape. Maliwal has directly questioned the Police on their alleged lacuna to have tracked the scene of crime, “I want to ask the Police how can they not even track the car dragging the 20-year old girl over 10 to 12 kilometres? I want the Delhi Police to confirm if the girl was ganraped or not?”. Maliwal said NCW will follow this case.

According to CCTV footage, the woman, Anjali, is seen stuck under the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Inside the car there were five drunk men who continued to drag the girl over seven kilometers. She was found totally nacked dead lying on the road with broken body parts due to dragging of her body. The Delhi Police has however, said that it doesn’t appear to be rape and her cloths got torn when she was being dragged.

The truth is yet to surface as nothing still clear as what had happened. However, its a shame on the city and humanity and once again raises many questions on the safety and security of women. What was the 125 anti-drinking squads doing when these predators were driving drunk.

More revelations to come in next few days. It’s a building-up story. This also exposes the claims of administration promising safety and security of females. If such a thing can happen on New Year’s Eve when there was supposed to be heavy deployment of force, then it’s indeed scary and questions the safety and security of women once again.

SHAME! 19-year old mother molested on cab, baby thrown out; dies

As I always say the lines from Guru Dutt’s song, “जिन्हें नाज़ है हिन्द पर वह कहाँ हैं ?” Molestations, eve-teasing, rapes, gang-rapes, stalking are rampant. It seems entire country have gone on an overdose of viagra that has increased the carnal desire of people to such an extent that they don’t hesitate to destroy the innocent lives. The sick people don’t even spare the married, mothers with children. Molesting and stalking the school girls or minors are very common. The recent incident has surfaced in Palghar, Maharashtra where a woman and mother of a ten-month old girl was molested on the running cab. When the women resisted the baby girl was thrown from a cab following which the baby died on the spot. This incident took place on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.

The woman and her daughter were returning from Pelhar to Poshere in Wada tehsil in a cab which they shared with some other passengers, as told by the victim. The cab driver and some co-passengers allegedly molested her. The main accused Vijay Khuswaha has been nabbed and charges under Section 304, 354 of the Indian Penal Act (IPC) have been slapped that accumulates to culpable homicide not amounting to murder and molestation. The woman was admitted to hospital with serious injuries and is undergoing treatment.

It may not be out of context to refer to the infamous case of the Delhi Brave Heart (Jyoti Singh Pandey), which was called by numerous names – ‘Amanat’, ‘Damini’, ‘Delhi Berave Heart’, and the name that became cult, ‘Nirbhaya’. I am often asked why I am so sarcastic over the names, I always tell that to me protecting identity of a dead rape victim is a farce if she could not be protected while live. leave aside the dead, nothing has changed. such cases pour in. I would go a step ahead and ask for stringent most punishment like Bobbitt’s Law. I know I may be called a cynic, but if the carnal desires are so strong that these predators can’t control their urges then the only option is to chop of the organ when erect.

The punishment should be an example for the others who will not dare to even molest #women, till then nothing will happen and these innocent girls and women will fall prey to these beasts. I know am harsh but there is no other way to resolve this problem.

Finally, the so-called pseudo social activists who come on television and plead mercy and sympathy with minor rapists screaming at the top of their voices to establish that once these criminals undergo ‘#rehabilitation’ they will be good samaritans should be dealt very strongly. These things are really getting on nerves.

Treat ‘rapist’ as ‘adult’, SC verdict in Kathua gang-rape and murder case

Landmark judgement by Supreme Court in the brutal Kathua gang-rape and murder case. The SC said said one of the accused in the infamous Kathua gang-rape case was not a juvenile anymore, hence be treated as an adult.

An eight-year-old girl was raped and murdered in a Kathua village of Jammu and Kashmir in 2018. The entire was scared to see the photograph of the victim who looked like a small barbie doll. However, the people who could actually help the guilty reach to their fate were largely divided and shamelessly tried to stall the proceedings. In fact, a group of lawyers in Kathua bar even tried to prevent the Crime Branch from filing chargesheet before the court. Several political leaders including some ministers in BJP-Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government, lawyers and civil society groups in Jammu rallied behind the accused. It was possible only after the intervention by the Supreme Court. The SC transferred the case to Pathankot.

The top court also held that medical opinion regarding the age of an accused cannot be “brushed aside” in the absence of statutory proof on the same issue. The Crime Branch which investigated the rape and murder, said Shubam Sangra was the “most brutal”.

The 8-year-old nomadic girl was kidnapped and repeatedly raped inside a temple at Rasana village in Kathua in order to infuse fear and drive the nomad community out of Kathua. The girl was drugged, held captive, repeatedly raped and then murdered.

But the main accused, Shubam Sangra could not be tried with others arrested in the case because of controversy over his age and the subsequent decision by Chief Judicial Magistrate Kathua that he should be tried as a juvenile.

After the verdict of the Supreme Court, Sangra will now be treated as an adult.

Brutal rape in Unnao, iron rod inserted; no reportage… Why?

I sometimes wonder if news of rapes, gang-rapes, molestation, eve-teasing and stalkings too are optional or circumstantial for the media or PRESS to cover. Sorry, I know I too am from the same fraternity but can’t help asking when I came across this shameful incident. I did carry in my official news bulletin but honestly I too had no knowledge of the incident till I read this in a local vernacular PRESS and I thank the newspaper for atleast showing the guts to cover the news. If you ask me why am I so much sarcastic. The answer is simple, I saw the media and PRESS going overboard when Jyoti Singh Pandey was gang-raped and was subjected to brutality. She died due to the brutality.

Well, if you still wonder who is Jyoti Singh Pandey, then she is that hapless girl who was the first in her family to have studied and was aspiring to become a nurse… Still wondering? Not your fault as the media, fraternity, had called her by many names to market the story the next day – ‘Amanat’, ‘Damini’, ‘Delhi Brave Heart’, and ‘Nirbhaya’, the name that became cult and all then on call the poor girl who waned to survive by ‘Nirbhaya’.

Why I am raising the issue? Actually, few days ago a similar incident had taken place in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. A scheduled caste minor girl was gang-raped on her way back home from tuition. Villagers found her body without proper cloths. She was dead. Not just this, iron rod was inserted in her private parts. The matter spruced up anger among the villagers and they demanded a probe. The doctors conducting postmortem prepared slides after videography after which the brutality was confirmed.

Her father who is a Shiksha Mitra member raised fingers at his neighbour Sujit Kumar. After initial probe, police nabbed Kumar under section 02 (murder), 376A (brutality), 34 (plan to kill). Mother of the victim who is a Asha worker was away on her duty.

Hyderbad Gangrape: Why MLA’s son termed as ‘juvenile’? All four to be treated as adults

In such a situation, the recent judgement pronounced by the Hyderabad High Court stating all the four accused should be treated as adults. It said, the MLA’s son will be be treated as a juvenile on the ground that the charge against him is less serious. How can molestations (I accept for the argument sake that he was a holy cow and did not do anything but molest), how does molestation becomes “less serious” offence? It only implies that those who did not outrage the modesty of that hapless girl are holy cows.

The accused had gangraped a 17-year old girl. The incident has taken place in the Jubilee Hills in the Banjara Hills area which happens to be a posh locality. Well, the case has already become a high profile gangrape with the involvement of MLA’s son. The girls was picked up from a local pub by the six and gangraped.

The sad part is when the same court says all four excepting the fifth one who should be treated as juvenile. Why? Is it because this boy who is just a year short of turning 18 happens to be the son of an MLA?

I did not understand the crux of the story. If you have understood then please share your views on the issue. By the way, have you?

Marital rape victims can now abort, read salient features

Marital rape has been a very serious issue since ages, there has been a strange feeling among married men that they have the right to force a wife into bed irrespective of her liking, dislike, and mood share. Men even forget that the woman going through the monthly difficult days. Women are left with no other option to give in. They have no place to protest. This is a problem with average household. The problem gets bigger when the woman is forced into sex, gets pregnant but doesn’t want to remain in the relationship as she hates the man for many reasons. She can’t go for a divorce being pregnant.

The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday in a landmark ruling said that all women are entitled to safe and legal abortion till 24 weeks of pregnancy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. The Apex court maintained that any distinction on the basis of their marital status is “constitutionally unsustainable”.

The top court also said that the meaning of offence of rape must include marital rape for the purpose of the MTP Act. A bench of Justices DY Chandrachud, JB Pardiwala and AS Bopanna said the rights of reproductive autonomy give similar rights to unmarried women as that to married women.

The bench, in its verdict, said the distinction between married and unmarried women under the abortion laws is “artificial and constitutionally unsustainable” and perpetuates the stereotype that only married women are sexually active. Under the MTP Act provisions, the upper limit for the termination of pregnancy is 24 weeks for married women, special categories including survivors of rape and other vulnerable women such as the differently-abled and minors.

There is a fear of rapists misusing the provision as ‘all women’ implies to both willing and unwilling to abort. It would have been better had there been some provision of getting a nod of the girl if she is willing to abort or not. Also, then the girl would have been able to vent out her frustration and anger if she was compelled to accept abortion. However, the ruling over marital rapes, is commendable, and it should have been included long back as many females face in India are compelled to face the marital rape day in and day out. This would help the hapless women to raise their voices and protest against the sexual atrocities.

Only Bobbitt’s Law for rapists will infuse fear-factor

Someone asked why I did not react on the recent seven-old rape and murder in Delhi. Honestly, there was a notion that such things would take a back seat especially after the protests that took place during ‘Nirbhaya’ gangrape.

However, I have an observation here and would like to share as I strongly feel just by calling the victim by different names to protect her identity cuts no ice unless and until she is protected or saved. Like in case of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the media called her by different names to market their stories, some called her, ‘Amanat’, ‘Damini’, ‘Delhi Brave Heart’, and ‘Nirbhaya’, the name that finally became the cult name. Rather than all these, the need of the hour is stringent punishment and it should be no less than Bobbitt’s Law. I have discussed, debated, argued umpteen times on this issue.

If carnal desire is so strong that it destroys innocent lives then chop the organ. I have been saying this in my live programes and editorials. I remained silent because nothing will change unless ‘stringent punishment’ is given. The ‘fear factor’ is missing which needs to be infused.

I covered the Delhi Brave Heart (Jyoti Singh Pandey) case and have seen the protests thaty simply went berserk especially the day then Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde had ordered a lathi charge on the media persons who had been reporting from India Gate. Honestly, it felt good to see the protest but really sad to see that anger or agression has died down. Nothing has changed, nothing would change… Rapes, gangrapes, molestations, eve-teasings, stalkings continues …

Why Lakhimpur Kheri rapists should not face similar fate? Fear-factor required

Two Dalit teenage sisters were found hanging from a tree in a sugarcane field in Lalpur Majra Tamoli Purva village under the Nighasan police station on Wednesday evening. The incident sparked huge huge uproar across the region with locals coming on the streets and police had to cajole them to move back on the assurance that action would be taken.

On Thursday, the police arrested six men in this connection – Junaid, Sohail, Hafizur Rehman, Karimuddin, Arif and Chottu. The postmortem was conducted and the bodies of the two sisters were handed over to the family members. The police said, postmortem has confirmed strangulation after brutally gangrape the two girls.

“We have arrested Junaid, Sohail, Hafizur Rehman, Karimuddin, Arif and Chottu in an overnight operation,” said Superintendent of Police (SP), Lakhimpur Kheri, Sanjiv Suman. The SP informed that Junaid and Sohail were allegedly in a relationship with the two sisters, have confessed that they strangulated the girls after raping them”.

Speaking to the Press, the Additional Director General (ADG), Law & Order, Uttar Pradesh, Prashant Kumar said, “We have arrested six accused after conducting fast investigation as ordered. Such crimes should be dealt strictly and I request all to show sympathy towards the family. I feel the family members are satisfied with our probe as we have done everything as per their request. We have handed over the bodies to the family members after the postmortem”.

An FIR was registered under sections 302 (murder), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 452 (house-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint), 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, he said.