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PM Modi’s ‘Rozgar Mela’ brings hope for the unemployed, estimated 10 lakh to get jobs

Opposition may say whatever they want, political catfights will always continue. Acquisition and counter acquisition will always be there among political fraternity but even then the good or positive things needs to appreciated especially when it concerns the common people. On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did exactly something like this and received lots of good wishes from those who got benefited from the announcement. The Prime Minister Narendra launched the “Rozgar Mela” and said it would the doors of employment for an estimated 10 lakh people.

Speaking at the event which was done through video conferencing, PM Modi said, his government’s efforts is to create jobs in the last eight years amid the opposition’s constant criticism of it on the issue of unemployment.

In his address after more than 75,000 people were given appointment letters for various government jobs in the first tranche, Modi acknowledged the challenges facing the economy the world over with many countries hit by a record inflation and unemployment and said India is making every effort to come out of the situation unscathed.

PM Modi tweeted:

“It is a fact that the global scenario is not very good. Several large economies are struggling. In many countries, problems such as inflation and unemployment are at their peak,” he said.