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Bangladesh PM Hasina thanks PM Modi, read why

A day before Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who will be on official visit to India from September 5th to 8th in an interview recalled her relationship with India. From the dark and horrifying days in 1971, and 1975 to how India had helped Bangladesh students during rescue operation in Ukraine.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister said, “I express my thanks to Prime Minister that during this war between Russia and Ukraine, many of our students were just stuck, and they came to Poland for shelter. But when you evacuated Indian students, you also brought our students back home. You have shown a clearly friendly gesture. I thank Prime Minister (Modi) for this initiative,” Prime Minister Hasina said.

Haseena also thanked India forits support during the COVID pandemic,

I really thank Prime Minister Modi for this initiative, and that way contributed vaccines to not only Bangladesh, also some south Asian countries, and it’s really very, very helpful. And it’s a really prudent initiative he has taken. Besides that, we bought vaccines with our own money, and also many other countries also contributed,” she said.

Prime Minister Hasina said, “Usually, locals in our country, especially the village level, even in some towns also, are reluctant to take vaccine. They don’t want to take the pinch of needle but we have to pursue them. We told them that this is nothing, but it will save your life. So that way we engaged everybody, so that they make people… so it was really very good initiative, this Vaccine Maitri itself… very good initiative. I really support”.

Bangladesh has administered COVID vaccines to 90 per cent of its population, informed said Prime Minister Hasina.