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Mamata Banerjee says “sorry” over filthy remark against President Murmu

Trinamool Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seeks apology for her minister Akhi Giri’s filthy remark question the looks of President Draupadi Murmu. Finally, Trinamool has officially says sorry for the shameful remark that ashamed not only the party but also entire country as President is also the Supreme Commander of the armed forces. Such remark actually insults India.

Speaking from Nabanna (West Bengal Secretariat), “We all respect the President and she is a highly respected lady. It was not right for Giri to make comments against her. We don’t support his opinion and he has been warned against repeating such things. If it happens in the future, the party will take action.”. Banerjee added, “I personally respect her (Murmu) very much. I believe beauty doesn’t depend on colour or appearance. It lies inside. She is a very sweet lady. I like her very much. Giri has done wrong. I condemn what the MLA has said”.

This incident has once again raised a big question on regular usage of filthy remarks or hate speech among politicians.

However, the man in the centre of controversy, Akhil Giri has already apologized. He said, “I didn’t mean to disrespect the honourable President. I was replying to what BJP leaders said while verbally attacking me. Every day I am verbally attacked for my looks. If someone thinks I have disrespected the President, then it is wrong. I apologise for making such a remark. I have immense respect for the President of our country”.