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Mamata Banerjee’s niece loses job in wake of alleged “illegal” appointment of non-teaching staff

Trinamool Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s niece Brishti Mukherjee loses her Group C staff member job at Bolpur Upper Primary School after her name featured on 608th position in the list of names for cancellation of jobs as ordered by the Calcutta HC.

Brishti Mukherjee who hails from Birbhum’s Kusumba village, the CM’s maternal home, was allegedly appointed “illegally” as a non-teaching staff member by the West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC).

When asked her father, Nihar Mukherjee, refuted all the allegations and informed that her daughter Brishti, had joined the school but only for a day or two and left the job. He also said that her daughter did not draw any salary. Well, there are numerous missing links in the story. One, if Brishti left the job in 2012 or 13 then how come her name surface in the list now? Two, if Brishti and her father is speaking truth then how come there is no documented proof of her resignation? Three, why Brishti herself is not much vocal about the allegations hurled at her? draw salary too.

It’s too early to comment who is wrong or who is pretending to be naive. If the allegations come out to be true then both Supremo and nephew will have to answer many bitter questions no matter if they are “choto ghotona” (petty incident) for them.

Praises going overboard! Bengal Governor compares Mamata Banerjee with icons like Radhakrishnan, Milton & Kalam

Let’s keep aside paintings, songs and not to forget poems like ‘epang opang jhopang…potang…dang dang…” the masterpieces by Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee, what should we call a Chief Minister who says, “Will offer stone chips to PM Modi in Bengal” or “Shall slap him”? Or are these very civilised words? The issue has come up as Governor CV Ananda Bose complimenting Banerjee being conferred upon with DLitt by St Xavier’s University.

Few observations – A blunt compliment from the Governor for a political head is dangerous. This means the Governor either has no clue of the ‘jungle raaj’ in the state or least interested in the plight of people. It’s indeed scary as Trinamool is using Bose as a ‘reply’ or sand bag. From past Governors – MK Narayanan, Keshari Nath Tripathi to Dhankar, Banerjee had problems. Is this a political posturing? Trinamool has a least interest for administrative chairs, why still, Bose is so appreciative? Many missing links…

Re-joinder: Governor Bose has compared Trinamool Supremo with names like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Vajpayee, Winston Churchill… Dr Radhakrishnan and John Milton (the worst comparisons …perhaps). Supremo called Park Street gangrape “choto ghotona” (petty incident) and sent the Investigating Officer in exile posting for bringing facts. She could identify ‘Maoists’ just by seeing – Tumpa and Moushumi Koyal to Shiladittya and even a college student in TV show Taniya Bhardwaj. Gave the slogan ‘bodla noy badal chai’ (not revenge but change), mere slogan. Never complimented Barun Biswas, the man (a real hero) stood against marathon rapes in Sutia. No ‘bhushan or shree’ awards. Height of shamelessness when she introduced compensation for rape victims – more money if victim is young. Never heard a word when oppositions are attacked. Least talk of her schemes – ‘Shree and Sathi’, I have seen in Kolkata, interacted with incumbents and parents. Not going into political inefficiency, she has ruined health, education and governance.    

Rejoinder: Honestly, I wanted to stay away from this too in volumes but a journo instigated me on Mamata Banerjee. Infact, I know I am more than a vocal, aggressive and blunt critic of Trinamool and Supremo. I can’t write everything on the public domain why, when and what has turned me into a critic but all I can say and those who know Bengal thick and thin or follow knows whatever I write, say in my LIVES on #nonsensetalknews are nothing but truth. The fact is people who today are against her were once the biggest admirers of her as they ushered-in immense faith in her but she lost it all to satisfy, appease and please vested interests. Eg. She called Park Street gamgrape as “choto ghotona” (petty incident) as the main accused Kader Khan was the boyfriend and fiance of actress turned Trinamool Nusrat Jahan. Numerous instances. All this gradually ditanced her from the people who simply regarded as Goddess. In 2011, when she came to power, people had immense expectations but she failed on the face value to keep their confidence. Ask locals across Bengal, and you will hear it yourself. She not only ruined the state but maligned humanity, may talk big on women safety but actually did nothing to protect the dignity of women… Talk to people in the state, find out yourself.

Snippet news at a glance:

Netaji Zindabad! Azad Hind Zindabad!

Entire world today is paying tributes to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on his 126th birth anniversary. The main function was held at the Netaji Bhawan, Elgin Road in Kolkata, West Bengal. The day has been named as ‘Parakram Diwas’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year. Each year apart from regular programmes, a Netaji Memorial Lecture is organised at the Netaji Bhawan which is addressed by eminent people from all walks of life. It is from this house Netaji Bose had escaped in the car in the disguise of a Maulana (Muslim teacher), his nephew Dr Sishir Kumar Bose had driven him to Gomoh, Bihar. Netaji Bose took to Kabul, rest is history.

Once again, the long controversy over his death or where about came up today as some love to believe that Netaji Bose died in the Taihoku plane crash the rest have divided opinion – they believe the Gumnami Baba theory. However, there are numerous instances where the Taihoku crash has been totally ruled out as it is believed no plane took off on that day from Japan’s Tokyo. While some also believe that this entire crash theory could be a planned propaganda scripted by Netaji Bose himself.

Four probe commissions were set up but none reached the conclusion. The Modi government did declassify a few files but till date no expose on where Netaji Bose went or if he was murdered then who was behind his murder. Almost all the government had issued a probe and set up commissions in Netaji Bose’s disappearance mystery. When Purabai Mukherjee commission was close to disclose, the commission was scraped. We have written a lot on the assumptions and presumptions of what may had happen to Netaji. Whether it had something to do with the INA trial or he was killed in Siberia but one thing is certain that Netaji Bose did not die in the plane crash that took place in Taihoku as there are enough evidence that it was General Shidea. Hence, it’s immaterial that the ashes kept at Renkoji Temple does not belong to Netaji Bose.

Some alleged the declassification of the Netaji’s files by the Modi government and subsequently by Mamata Banerjee government were nothing but a political posturing as it was done when elections were knocking at the door in West Bengal.


In late 80’s then Information and Broadcasting minister Ajit Panja in Rajiv Gandhi cabinet had pulled up the Doordarshan for pronouncing ‘dead’ for Netaji Bose during a reportage on DD News on January 23. Though, BJP after coming to power tried its best to super impose the ‘death’ theory of Netaji Bose. Rajnath Singh had tweeted as ‘Shahid’ (martyr) which ran into controversy but it was the beginning of a bigger ‘conspiracy’ which came to light on Wednesday when the RTI tried to establish Netaji Bose died in the crash.

It’s indeed a national shame that even after 75 years of independence, India till date could not know what happened to Netaji Bose. No matter whatever is said or whoever says, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose neither died in the crash nor the ashes kept at Renkoji Temple belong to Netaji Bose…Netaji Zindabad! Azad Hind Zindabad!

Mamata’s Bengal! Trinamool goon slaps man for taking to minister, “Didir Doot” exposed

Few days ago, Nephew and Trinamool General Secretary said his party will follow the “zero tolerance” policy and will not spare anybody who does wrong. Nephew quoted the example of Partha Chatterjee. However, cutting big story short, it’s clear after the recent incident where a party goon had slapped a man who dared to complain in front of state good and civil supplies minister in North 24 Parganas.

The snippet news says it all:

This incident will create real problems for Trinamool as it shows not just intolerance but also Trinamool has no respect for people and the catch phrase “Maa Mati Manush” was to woo voters ahead of 2011 elections. Slap incident will create enough ruckus in coming days posing questions that the party is trying to eade.

Humanity above any religion, said Swami Vivekananda

“otho, jaago, egiye cholo” (arise, wake-up, don’t stop till you reach your goal), were the inspiring words by Swami Vivekananda whose teaching were simple but practical. World is celebrating his 159th birth anniversary on Thursday January 12th today.

Special programmes are organised across all the Ramakrishna Missions in the country and outside India. The main function was held at Swami Vivekananda’s residence in Shimla Road, north Kolkata. Apart from that, special puja was also held at the Belur Math in Howrah district of West Bengal where Swami Vivekananda took samadhi at the age of 39. The Belur Math is also the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission sect.

Swami Vivekananda always said humanity above any religion. He asked, “maanush r jonne dhormo na dhoro r jonne maanush?” (Is religion for people or people for religion?). He followed the philosophies laid down by his Master or ‘guru’, Ramakrishna Paramhansa who spoke of simple and practical way to follow religion. He believed God is one and to reach Him all one is required to do is to madidate. Swamiji, once said people should play football than sitting in prayers whole day long.

This day each year is also celebrated as National Youth Day. Swami Vivekananda always placed the youth power above everything and said any country can prosper only if the youth in that country are disciplined and dedicated in their goals.

President Draupadi Murmu tweeted to pay her tributes to Swami Vivekananda.

“My tributes to Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary! An iconic personality who combined spirituality and patriotism, he propagated Indian values globally. His life and teachings continue to inspire youth to follow their dreams and achieve greater goals.”

The Prime Minister in his message said his great ideals and ideas will continue to guide the countrymen. PM Modi said, the life, patriotism, spiritualism and dedication will always inspire the youth.

PM Modi who had a deep connection with the Ramakrishna Mission since his early days and had once decided to join the sect also mentioned how the life and teaching of Swami Vivekananda had a major influence on him.

The day is also observed as the National Youth Day.

Is Bengal really prepared to face COVID variant BF.7 upsurge? CM, Heath Minister to continue with New Years bash & Ganga Sagar Mela

In wake of the recent upsurge in COVID across the globe, worst affected is China that is now under complete lockdown after it reported endless deaths. Back home in India too, the situation is under scanner as the Union Health Ministry is keeping a strict vigil on the situation. The Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya had chaired a high level health meeting on Wednesday followed by another meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The virtual meeting was attended by Home Minister Amit Shah, Health Minister Mandaviya alongwith senior officials including doctors.

The outcome of the meeting, the government said there was nothing to be scared at this moment but stressed on the need to follow COVID protocols. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Assam even Punjab decided to follow COVID protocols. As expected West Bengal showed reluctance in implementing the COVID protocols at this moment.

Trinamool Supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee immediately after the meeting chaired by PM Modi, said her state is prepared for the adverse situation but she will not implement the COVID protocol at this hour as she does not feel the need for facemask. It seems Mamata Banerjee has not learn from the past experience. Last year, immediately after the New Year bash at Park Street (regular event) there was an upsurge of COVID. The medical fraternity had literally pleaded Banerjee with folding hands not to relax the protocols but she had turned a deaf ear to the requests of doctors. This year too inspite of the COVID scare, the West Bengal chief minister has announced ther will be New Years bash as usual and the Ganga Sagar Mela (an annual event) will not be carried as per schedule.

On Friday, Mansukh Mandaviya, chaired a virtual meeting with states and announced West Bengal will be a part of the countrywide mock drill on December 27 to ensure the readiness of infrastructure with a specific focus on oxygen plants, ventilators, logistics and human resources. State health minister Chandima Bhattacharya informed that the state is prepared for the situation. However, there was a total reluctance on the implementing of COVID protocols. “There will be a countrywide Covid-19 mock drill on December 27. West Bengal will be conducting the drill as well”, informed Bhattacharya. She said the state was continuing with genome sequencing. 

West Bengal had ignored the COVID protocols during Durga Puja, Diwali or Kali Puja, Christmas, New Years and Ganga Sagar Mela. The result of this was an upsurge in the COVID cases. The state government speaks of preparations, but the fact is it had under played the numbers of deaths in the previous surges. Not just this, but the death certificates were allegedly doctored as there was an unwritten stricture of putting any reason behind the death but COVID as it would bring the actual number in the glare. I myself met many such poor families who had lost their near and dear ones to the pandemic but did not either get the mortal remains from the hospital which was sent directly to the Dhapa ground for mass cremation or the death certificate carried different reason of death. I saw these people fuming but in tears. Yet, Chadrima Bhattacharya and Banerjee are talking of preparations to face any adverse situation.

Well, in such a situation all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed and pray no fatality are reported,

Actor Aindrila Sharma bids adieu, lost battle with life after defeating twice

Popular Bengali television actress Aindrila Sharma who fought a difficult battle with life and defeated death twice earlier had to give up her battle this time after fighting for twenty-days in hospital where she was admitted following brain stroke. She survived cancer twice and returned to the screen in 2015. She died on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, the actress had multiple cardiac arrests. She was 24 and survived by her parents.

She was admitted to a private hospital in Howrah on November 1, 2022 after a brain stroke, and the CT scan of her brain showed a massive haemorrhage on the left side. She suffered from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in bones or in the soft tissue around the bones. She was treated with surgery and chemoradiation. Aindrila, underwent critical surgery, and a biopsy showed that she was having brain metastases. She was treated by a team of neurosurgeon, neurologist, critical care specialist, infectious disease specialist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist.

A native of Murshidabad district, Aindrila Sharma, was a well-known face on Bengali television, appearing in serials such as ‘Jiyon Kathi’, ‘Jhumur’ and ‘Jiban Jyoti’. Aindrila Sharma recently featured in the Zee Bangla Cinema original film ‘Bhole Baba Par Karega’ and was seen in the role of Anirban Chakraborti’s daughter. She recently appeared in a web series, ‘Bhagar’, in which she was seen opposite her real-life partner Sabyasachi Chowdhury., the man who stood beside her like rock during her struggle with life.

Entire Tollywood industry has mourned her death. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are abuzz with messages like “Rest In Peace, well fought”.

Dutta becomes ‘Kutta’ in Ration card, man ‘barks’ in protest, read details

Wrong names, making live people dead or dead people alive in Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or Aadhaar Card is nothing new. Making male as female and female as male is the most common error and people now get surprised if the cards are delivered without an error, though very rare. Recently, we even saw cards being issued in the name of God and Goddess.

Have you ever heard people being referred as dog and that man protesting in front of the administration by barking. Sounds funny? Perhaps yes but if you read the whole story then you too will feel angry.

In Bankura district of West Bengal, a man attracted the attention of people when he made barking sounds in front of the joint BDO’s car. People too mocked, smiled while rest frowned. Some thought he was mad. The fact is he was protesting against the shameless incident that has taken place by Mamata Banerjee’s government. His name is Sukanti Kumar Dutta but his name in the ration card was typed as Sukanti Kumar Kutta. If name is ‘kutta’ then but natural the protest will be barking. The video went viral.

Shameless Trinamool silent on the issue but it’s representatives on Bengali television channels tried to make it light by calling it a “typing error” and there is no need to highlight the issue. However, party Supremo and state chief minister Mamata Banerjee is silent, perhaps this too is “choto ghotona” (petty incident), “shajano ghotona” (concocted incident), and “bohiragoto der kaaj” (work of alliens as Trinamool is holy cow).

Sukanti Kumar Dutta deserves a Kudos as in Bengal today, where on average people are reluctant and hesitant to comment against the ruling Trinamool as they are scared of the alleged terror mechanism by their goons. Here is this gentleman who not only protested but did it in an unique way. Salutations! Sukanti Kumar Dutta.

Perhaps, this is the first time such a thing has happened and that too in West Bengal.

Disgrace on Trinamool! Aunt-nephew silent on Akhil Giri’s sexiest remark on President Murmu, BJP takes the matter to NCW

Cat-fights or brick-bating is nothing new between political parties especially opposition hurling allegations at the ruling party and ruling party in return would counter the allegations. Blame game too has been the cult in politics but off-late things are really turning scary. Some in the opposition make filthy passes and gestures even at the highest offices. In a recent incident has been reported from West Bengal where Trinamool state fisheries minister Akhil Giri has churned fresh controversy by making passes at President Draupadi Murmu.

On Friday, Giri during a rally in Nandigram, made a filthy pass at President Draupadi Murmu. He while attacking Leader of Opposition Subhendu Adhikary, suddenly attacked President Murmu and questioned her looks. This Trinamool leader did not stop here but waited for the crowd to laugh on his filthy remarks. Worst of all, two senior Trinamool leaders – Shashi Panja (also a cabinet minister and spokesperson of the party) and party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh were present when Giri was making the pass. On a popular television news channel in the evening Panja on one hand said it’s not party’s opinion but immediately tried to shield the filthy Trinamool leader by saying nobody shouts when Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls mamata Banerjee “Didi … O Didi…” However, she totally forgot Banerjee insulting the chair of Prime Minister during the Assembly campaigning. She had even said when PM Modi comes to Bengal she would give him stone chips to eat.

Taking the issue seriously, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded an explanation from Giri and Trinamool. The party condemned Akhil Giri’s derogatory comments. Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda also demanded that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tender a public apology for Giri’s comments and clarify that at whose behest he made such “unfortunate” and “indecent” remarks.

Munda, a tribal leader like Murmu, said Giri had insulted the country and claimed that his statement exposed the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress which has been “exploiting” the tribal population.

The issue has been raised with the National Commission for Women (NCW). However, not a single word was heard from Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee and West Bengal Chief Minister. Is this also a “choto ghotona” (petty incident), “sajano ghotona” (concocted incident), and “bohiragoto der kaaj” (outsider’s work) ? The three cult expressions of her and her party members.

Devotees offer ‘argh’ to setting Sun on Chhath, special arrangements across all ghats

On Chhath people offer special prayers to the Sun God. The main ritual is held on the penultimate day by offering ‘argh’ to setting Sun and on last day of the festival by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun. Infact, this is why there is a common saying among the people from Bihar that ‘its only in Bihar both rising and setting Sun is worshiped’. The four-day-long festival starts with the ‘Nahai Khai’ ritual and ends with ‘Usha Arghya’ (offering to rising sun). On both the days, devotees will offer prayers have been cleaned, decorated with lights and barricaded for the first day ‘Argha’ to Sun God.

On Sunday today, people from Bihar offered ‘argh’ (offering) to setting Sun in the evening. The four-day Chhath festival will culminate by offering ‘argh’ to rising Sun on Monday tomorrow. Chaath is one of the biggest festivals of India that truly believes in ‘unity in diversity’.

Bihar has been decked up for the rituals and since past many days officials have been taking stock of the Chhath ghats across the state. Not just Bihar alone, but same process is being taking place across all the states as there is a huge population of people from Bihar resides in all the states. In Jharkhand, administration in different districts have deputed additional security forces and NDRF teams in vulnerable water bodies. Drones and CCTV cameras are also being used in major cities including Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur to keep an eye on the festive activity.

In Delhi, Chhath ghats at the Yamuna river near ITO, Wazirabad in West Delhi, New Ashok Nagar in East Delhi, Okhla barage. The Chhath festival was first celebrated on a bigger platform in 1984 for the first time. Later, then Chief Minister Shieila Dixit built Chahath ghat at the Yamuna near ITO in 2007. Since many days, special arrangements are underway at the Chhath ghats where devotees offered puja on Sunday. Markets too have been decked up with the puja and food materials that is required by the devotees on the occasion.

Devotees throng all the Chhath ghats to offer the ‘argh’ to the setting Sun. However, main function was held in Bihar where people in large numbers came ot of their homes to offer ‘argh’ and later gathered to enjoy songs and programmes organised on this occasion. The four-day long Chhath festival will come to an end on Monday, the fourth day, when devotees will offer ‘argh;’ to rising Sun.